Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Some new photos

Hi everybody!! I just wanted to post some new photos of the little girl since her eyes are looking fantastic and she's been quite the happy little butter bean lately.  And again, pardon the quality of the photos.  When the flash goes off it makes her look soooooooooo red!!  But without the flash the photos are too dark. 
She didn't eat so well this past weekend .... then again it was our weekend without Nurse Ann and Leah gets thrown off her schedule when that happens and typically doesn't eat so well.  It doesn't seem to be a teething issue .... or an 'I'm not feeling so well' issue .... it's just an 'Eh ... I've eaten enough ... so get the bottle outta my face, lady' thing. 
So if everybody could say a little prayer for her appetite to improve - that would be great.

The Leah smirk.

And here she is with her storybook glove.  It came with a book and you can attach little velco figures like Humpty Dumpty to it while you read the story.  Daddy decided to put it on her head.

"You like my hat? Mommy says it's from Paris"

And here she is with her Manny from Ice Age.  Apparently his tusks and trunk are the perfect teethers.
These pictures are probably the best shots of what her face really looks like now.  Not clear ... but certainly not quite so red as it looks in the flash photos. 

Look at those eyes!!!

And here she is checking up on her blog, and Jonah.  I always tell her about her buddy Jonah so I figured they should meet, if only through the magic of the internet.

"What's up my EB brotha?!"

"Hi Mommy .... I love you ... gimme kiss!"

I took this with my camera phone and had to adjust the color, and uh, I didn't do so well ..... I just wanted everyone to see how nice and open her eyes are nowadays.


Linda said...

She sure looks wonderful. So glad the eyes are better. Sure hope Leah and Jonah can meet someday. Give her a big kiss and hug for me. Love you guys!!!! Love Mom

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful .Will be praying for her! Blanca from Columbus ohio

Lori said...

Hi Meghann...
I found your website through a google alert I have set for EB. You see, I, too, have Junctional EB (non-herlitz). I'm 53 years old. Leah is a beautiful baby girl. I'll keep Leah and her family in my prayers. Merry Christmas to you...and a Happy New Year filled with health, love & laughter.

Lori From Illinois

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