Saturday, December 5, 2009


Welcome winter!!!  It snowed in Maryland today!

Leah's doing really good.  Her appetite has improved - so thank you to all for the prayers for that!  Her eyes continue to look great.  She did have a little case of the sniffles yesterday that has seemingly gone away.  Perhaps miraculously .....
There was about an hour and a half yesterday that she had a lot more trach secretions than what is 'normal' for her, slight snot bubbles coming out of 1 nostril, and she was a tad warm.  She was a bit fussy and she kept rubbing her cheeks (just what we need!) in a way that seemed to say 'I don't feel good!!!'.  She continued to eat well, and was still smiling ..... so I just tried to keep her warm and happy with doses of Tylenol every 4 hours.  I knew she needed to rest but had trouble getting her to take a nap. 
Now, when I'm sick - I'm a pain in the butt.  I don't want to sleep, I don't want to eat and I don't want anyone to try to get me to sleep or eat.  It basically boils down to: 'Hold my hand but shut up and don't bother me'.  (Just ask my mother or husband ... they'll tell you).  Leah had taken a tiny nap around 3:30 but had been up the rest of the evening.  So somewhere around 8:30 I decided to embrace the fact that she seems to be a lot like me and gave her a new dry diaper, wrapped her in a blankie, held her against my chest and held her little hand as we sat in the glider, rocking and listening to music.  Sure enough after about 3 minutes she was out like a light.  And slept like that until Jeff came home around 10:00. She ate well overnight for Nurse Ann and continues to seem like regular happy little Leah today!

Today Jeff and I went out to get our Christmas tree while Grandpa and Grandma watched Leah while she napped. As we were leaving Jeff said something about how we were just going to get a small 5' tree.  Yeah right.  A tree that's 8 inches shorter than me?  That ain't Christmas.  So our pretty 7' Frasier Fir is sitting in the garage until tomorrow.  Then I hope to set it up in the living room and then let it settle overnight so I can decorate it on Monday.  I LOVE to decorate trees and last year I was starting to feel too uncomfortably pregnant to care about it so I have to make up for it this year!

Here's some new pictures of Leah over the past few days:

'Gimme that darn remote Dad .... I don't like football'.  (I told you she's like me)

Thank you again for praying for her appetite, and continued good luck with her eyes!  Our days would be very long without feeling the love and prayers coming in.


Janel Waters said...

That snow is SO PRETTY!! I only get to see snow once every couple of years!

I'm glad Leah seems to be doing better, but poor baby - it sure sounds like she doesn't feel good. :(

Hope she starts feeling better soon! enjoy the snow and have fun decorating that tree!!

Linda said...

She looks so happy and contented. Glad that you nipped the cold in the bud. Sounds like she is doing just great.
Hope you have fun decorating Leah's first Christmas tree. Can't wait until we can come down and see you guys. Give her a big kiss from Nana. Prayers will ALWAYS be coming your way. Love you guys so much!!! Love Mom XOXO

Carrie said...

Praying for Leah. I follow Jonah and Tripp's blogs too. Leah has been added to my prayers!!

Carrie said...

Praying for Leah. I follow Jonah and Tripp's pages as well and pray for these sweet sweet babies. Leah is now added to my prayers. I hope she continues to do well!

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