Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gift for Leah and Merry Christmas to All!!

Here is a new video I made for Leah over the past few days.  The song is 'Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht' (Silent Night) sung by Greek recording artist Nana Mouskouri.  Silent Night was written in German and is meant to be sung in German and this is probably the best version I've ever heard.

And since this will most likely be the last post until after Christmas:
For everyone out there: I hope you all have a very
Merry Christmas!!!

(I'll be sure to post pictures and stories of Christmas just as soon as I can!) 


Linda said...

Absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful video for Leah. When she gets older, she will realize how much she is loved by you and everyone. What a lucky little girl she is to have you as her Mommy. Love you so much, my wonderful daughter. Love Mom
See you Christmas morning.

Aunt Jo said...

Oh so cute! She's gonna think you are crazy when she's older, but that's just crazy kid stuff. She'll love that she has so much of her life documented for the world to see. :) Awesome pics as usual.

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