Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 Months Old Today!!!!!

Hi everybody!!! It's Leah here. 

Mommy says I did such a good job blogging for my 9 month birthday post, that I can do the 10 month post too!!!  It's so precious that so many people read my page just to see how I'm doing!

Let's see .... what's new with me?  Well, I'm still super cute -- but I'm sure you already knew that!! ; )  Can you see my pretty blonde Aquaphor covered curls?:

That's right .... eat your hearts out!

What else .....  Oh! My eyes feel so much better!!! Did Mommy tell you about the boo-boos I had on my eyes?  They made me feel icky.  So I'm glad they're all better.  Mommy has to put drops in my eyes a lot .... and I don't like it at first ..... but as soon as I feel the drops seeping into my eyes I calm right down.  Aaaahhhhh .... there's a reason they're called 'Refresh' drops!
Now I can watch all my favorite shows again cause my peepers feel so much better!! I had to catch up on all my Sesame Street, Handy Manny, Tigger and Pooh and Imagination Movers. 

One of my favorite new things is Mommy's version of 'This Little Piggy'. She does this crazy thing where she'll grab each of my toes and says she's going to eat them but first she needs to season them so she'll say "On this piggy I'm gonna put mustard ... and on this piggy I'm gonna put mayo .... and on this piggy I'm gonna put A1 sauce .....".  And then when she's done 'seasoning' each toe she pretends to eat them!! She's crazy ........ crazy funny! It really makes me laugh.  Oh and now she'll say that there's cheese in between my toes and she tickles between each toe and says "Here's some mozzarella ... and here's some provolone ....".  Oh man tickles feel so funny!!  I don't know whether to freak out or smile so I just kinda freeze with a half-smile on my face and twitch - but no way I'm pulling my foot away from her!

Mommy keeps telling me about this Santa dude.  Apparently he's this jolly guy that comes down the chimney (?!) and will leave me gifts under the tree and in my stockings ... remember I have 3?  I don't know - it seems kind of strange to me.  It seems like a lot of things that don't live here come down the chimney ..... there were all those wasps in the fall .... and that bat in the summer.  Maybe we should reinforce the chimney for some security or something.  Mommy is a city girl ..... you'd think she'd be concerned about it but she keeps telling me that we want Santa here and I will be very grateful when I see all the things the elves made for me.  Mommy told me the elves are all done making my gifts - but they are working overtime to wrap everything.  But they get paid for overtime in cookies so it's all good!

Here I am sitting under the tree since Mommy says I am her gift this year:

Mommy wanted me to tell you that she will post pictures of the tree tomorrow since all her ornaments finally showed up and the tree is done.  Did you know that I watched that crazy lady decorate the tree 3 separate times until it was 'right'?  Sheesh!
Anywho ........... I am a champ at sitting up now!  Not on my own ..... I still want Mommy right there with me.  But she sits me up on her knee while we sit and chat, or watch Sesame Street, or my favorite Christmas special .... Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!  Have you seen that?!  It's so cool!!!  The snowman is my favorite character and my favorite song is the one the elves sing for Santa. 

We also sit like that and listen to the music channels on the TV and Mommy makes me dance.  She says it'll count as my physical therapy to help develop my core ....... I just think it's fun to have Mommy bounce me on her knee and make me shake my groove thang.  I've got some sweet moves baby!

Oh and I looooooooooove books!!! (Just like Mommy, Aunt Joanne and Nana).  Everyday Mommy sits with me in the rocking chair and we read book after book.  I love my Alice In Wonderland book, and my Mothers and Daughters Storybook Bible, and the Caterpillar book.  Mommy says Santa is bringing me lots of more books! 
One of my new favorites is 'Christmas in the Manger'. It's all about Christmas!! This is my favorite page:

I always try to grab the Baby Jesus with my hands. Mommy says that's cute because everyday He holds me in His hands.
And then when I'm tuckered out from grabbing at the books and (trying) to help Mommy turn the pages - and I'm content to just listen to her voice, I'll snuggle against Mommy and she reads to me from 'Little House on the Prarie'.  Mommy says she has the whole series since they were some of her favorite books when she was little - and so we're going to (slowly) make our way through them. 

Oh and we're trying to get my face a little bit healed up for all the pictures everyone will take on Christmas .... so Mommy has been slathering my face in cream.  It makes me look like this:

I ain't too crazy about it but I know Mommy's heart is in the right place so I'll let it slide.  I think it's working though ..... what do you think?

Mommy and me are really tight! We spend everyday together hanging out and it's great. Mommy says taking care of me is the best job she's ever had and she wants to do it for a long, long time. Mommy never really told anybody this - but since I was there I can tell you about it - and I'm sure she won't mind. One night when I was in the hospital after my trach was put in, Mommy and I had a little talk.  Daddy had gone home to sleep and the nurse was outside so it was just me and Mommy. At the time I was still pretty drugged up and out of it - but still awake enough to know she was there, listen to her and grab her finger - so me and Mommy made a pinky swear. She promised me: 'I won't give up as long as you don't give up'. And I ain't giving up anytime soon - and I know neither is Mommy! So put that in your pipe and smoke it - EB!

I wanted to say 'thank you' to everybody out there for all the prayers and love you send my way.  Mommy says it's amazing how people who don't even know me can love me so much - and she says it's even more amazing to watch prayers answered right before her eyes.  You guys prayed for my eyes and my eyes got better.  You guys prayed for my appetite and the very next day I started eating better.  She thinks it's amazing but it's super cool for me because everyday I can feel all the love for me.  It's so great!! And I really appreciate it so keep it a-coming! 




Linda said...

Hi Leah:
Happy, happy 10th month birthday. You look so adorable. You are getting bigger everyday and of course cuter too. You are not only Mommy's Christmas gift, but mine too.
Can't wait until I see you this weekend. Get ready to have your picture taken a whole bunch. Poparazzi Nana is a coming. Love you soooooo much pudding pop. Love Nana XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Happy 10Th B-Day! She is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just want to kiss her so much! Me and aydin will continue to pray for her every single day. When I read the last part of the post, I wont lie a few tears dropped. That is right no one is giving up we will pray, raise funds, anything that needs to be done so we can find a cure for EB! I am so happy she is doing well praying so it stays that way! Remember I had asked about raising funds and was going to wait until Jan so I could get more people. But after reading Sams post and mom said we are close. I decided to see how much I could get this year (every penny counts) and I was able to get $1150 to Debra. A few people advise they would be able to donate until Jan (since they had all ready donated there money to another charity). I will see if I can get money but for you guys. Well see how that works out. But will continue to do whatever I can. LOVE, Blanca

Marian said...

Hi Leah!
You sure are a trooper, but knowing Nana and hearing stories about Mom,know it is in your genes! Happy 10th month birthday,Sweetie and enjoy your Nana visit.

Kisses and hugs,

Anonymous said...

So glad things are going well. We continue to think and pray for you all. Thanks so much for the informative and very entertaining posts. We love you all!! Aunt Penny

Janel Waters said...

Happy 10 Month Birthday Beautiful!!!

I know that cream stuff sucks, but I REALLY think it is working! Your pretty face looks like those boo boos are healing up.

I'm so proud of you for telling that stupid EB where to go! I have to do that a lot too... you just have to say, I don't have time for you EB so GO AWAY!

I hope you have a fantasic 10 Month birthday - has your mommy told you about the BIG Birthday yet?? Just wait - Cake, Balloons, tons of People and a special song JUST FOR YOU! Just a couple more months away.

I pinky swear I won't stop praying for you either!


Bjrapp28 said...

Happy 10th month Birthday....I am so glad that your prayers are being answered . I pinky swear also that we will continue to pray for you guys. The tree looks great.
Love Patti

Meesh in MO said...

What a precious little darling you have there! I am excited that you read her Little House on the Prairie. Those books are near and dear to my heart from my own days of reading them but also for another reason. My grandmother had a stroke in 1993. It affected her left side and she was never able to walk or use her left arm again. She had to go into a nursing home for total care. She still loved to read though and read, read, and re-read the Little House series! She passed away in 2002 at the age of 93 and I miss her more each day. Your Leah kind of almost looks like my grandma with her round face. I am sure my grandma would love to be an angel for a little angel such as yours. :)

~ Judy ~ said...

Dear Sweet Darling Leah,
Thanks for telling me about you and your Mommy...I think your BOTH pretty AWESOME!

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