Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas for Leah, 2011

Even though Leah is gone she is still a part of our family

and so each Christmas I intend to hang her stocking, 

and her ornaments

These are now two of my all-time favorites:

You can read about them, the reason behind them, the parade they were in, and the wonderful woman responsible for them: Here

Last year, 2010; we didn't put up a tree, or do any decorating at all really.  
We tried to ignore Christmas for the most part. 

2009 was Leah's first and only Christmas, and that years tree theme was Butterflies.  

This years theme became 'Butterflies and Angels' without me really even trying..........

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blog Change Coming Soon!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the blog makeover will be completed soon! 
However, it's not just a makeover/re-design.  The URL will be changing, the blog name will be changing; pretty much everything will be changing.  
Because of the limitations on changing blogger sites, I'm going to have to do a 'We've Moved' post on this blog directing everyone to the new one.  

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Just another quick post - not for me but for a very good friend of mine.  I used to work with her when I lived in Pennsylvania and now even though Jeff and I relocated, I still work for the same company and so we email almost on a daily basis for work stuff!  

Her twin sister just gave birth to her first born son Mason on May 5th.  He is a-dor-able!!!  

Mason was born with DDH, Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip.  I Googled it and found that it is relatively common, and often has an excellent prognosis.

Here he is in what I believe is called a Pavlik harness:

Can I just say again how adorable he is?!?!

As I know most of my readers are fellow Mommys, I was wondering if I could put the word out there and ask if anyone has had experience with DDH and has any advice or encouragement to share?  And of course, prayers for little Mason and his Mommy and Daddy would be appreciated as well!

Please feel free to use the comments section; but if you'd prefer, you can also email me at: MegGehring (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll be sure to pass everything along!

Thanks everyone!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Check in and Mother's Day

Hi everyone.  Just a quick check-in.  We're doing great - I'm 25 weeks today and little Tabby is a mover and groover!  She seems to be a bit more active than Leah was, and Leah's nature was quite calm and peaceful.  So I'm wondering what Tabby is going to have in store for us when she arrives!
It's been 2 weeks since I did my glucose screening and I think it's a 'no-news-is-good-news' scenario with that.  I'll have my next appointment in 2 weeks just as I'll be entering the third trimester.

Hannah is doing great!! She's been taking her new medication (unbeknownst to her as I am mixing it with the gravy of her wet food) and her stitches came out yesterday!  She's still bandaged only because we didn't want her licking at her freshly un-sutured paw and doing damage.  My guess is that it may be itchy after that (?) and I know she's going to want to give it a thorough cleaning.  I want to take it off tomorrow morning and see how she does with it.  
And much like I had my Leah Journal to document her daily caloric intake and her bandaging regimen, I now have my Hannah Journal where I document her daily medication, paw pad checks and doctors appointments.  

For Mother's Day last Sunday we went to the same Butterfly Garden we went to last year (which I talked about in this post.)  It was pretty much exactly the same as last year - though I guess you can't really change up a butterfly garden too much. This year I remembered my real camera so I didn't have to rely on my phone! Here are some shots:

Here are two butterflies just uh .... hanging out .... um .... (clears throat) .... ya know.
Hey, it's nature - I just document it.  

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just checking in

Hi everyone!  Sorry I haven't updated lately; we are fine - just a lot going on!

But yes, baby and I are good.  My only complaint is that my seasonal allergies are co-mingling with my pregnancy rhinitis to make me a sneezing mess at times.  Most of the time I'm fine - but when I do sneeze a 'good' sneeze (sometimes a dozen times a day); for the next 10 minutes I feel like I'm in the midst of a horrible head cold. Then after a bunch of tissues and being able to breathe through my nose once more, I'm fine again.   
If anything it means sneezing shouldn't startle Tabby when she's a newborn since she's hearing tons of it now. 

I have a regular OB checkup appointment on Friday, which will also be when I'll have my 1-hour glucose test. My blood pressure readings at home have been great; so no problem there ... yet (fingers crossed that it stays that way). 

We continue to slowly work on the nursery: getting furniture in its place, washing & folding stuff and putting them in their proper place, grouping toys in age-appropriate storage bins.  My tendency to over-organize makes it a taxonomy project, which is oddly fun for me.  But the organizing also gives me a chance to take inventory of what we have (tons of stuff) and what we need (not much really).  

My favorite 'project' for the nursery are the window dressings.  I am having 2 custom Roman shades made with fabric I picked out that matches the nursery's colors. They're being made now; though I don't know when they'll arrive.  But once they show up and (please please please!!) fit as perfectly as I painstakingly measured them to fit; I'll be sure to post pictures and a link to the shop where I got them.  

Other than that we've been having some issues with our cat Hannah that has taken up a good chunk of our time and energy  lately.  As it turns out my poor little furry girl has this really rare (wait for it....), hardly seen by vets (wait for it.....), little understood (wait for it......) SKIN DISEASE!  Yep, leave it to us to now have a cat with the rare feline disease called: Plasma Cell Pododermatitis.  

Long story short: we were going to a vet that wasn't (in my opinion) doing all they could - not to mention the vet had never seen Plasma Cell Pododermatitis.  One of Hannah's paws is quite bad off, and we have been  bandaging it.  (Not exactly memories we want to be reliving).  I thought it needed stitches, the vet didn't agree, and she also basically said we didn't know how to bandage her properly.  This vets course of action was to just give steroid shots as the swelling came up, and treat any infection that may come about from the ulcerated paw pad.  

Just so you have a little idea, (and if you get grossed out easily don't click on it) - here is a link to what an ulcerated paw pad of a cat with this condition looks like 
(Please note that Hannahs paw is nowhere near this bad - her ulcerated pad is about 75% less than this):

So last Friday I called another vet (one that is much closer to our house), gave the story to the receptionist and she said the owner of the practice is the best around, and would be happy to see us and give his opinion.  
So on Monday off we went and found ourselves a new vet.  He has seen and treated several cases before, he thinks we bandage just fine (duh), he thinks stitches are totally warranted, and he wants to try some medication that has worked for cases in the past to try to clear up the condition all together.  
So tomorrow Hannah will go in to get her widdle poor paw pad stitched up.  If you could, please say a little prayer that all goes well.  I've had Hannah for 6 years -- and my furry girls mean as much to me as my non-furry girls.  

Luckily because of my appointment on Friday I'll be home to make sure she's doing OK on post-surgery day.  
And I'll also get to watch all the coverage of the Royal Wedding!

I'm a big geek for this kind of thing.  Plus, my Mom was pregnant with me 30 years ago when she got up at 4 AM to watch the wedding of Charles and Diana!  I've also been re-reading The Thorn Birds this past week (which is what my Mom read while pregnant with me and where she got my name from).  She was also 29 while pregnant with her second daughter - pretty cool coincidences all around.  

Also, I'm trying to get a design together to re-do the blog to make it more Turnquist family centered, thus including Tabby with her big sister.  And last but not least on our to-do list: Jeff is opening his own business! 

So with being pregnant, working full-time, feline appointments and surgery, business start-up work, prepping for baby arrival, getting the chimney repaired (another ordeal in itself) and all the regular day-to-day laundry, cleaning and bill paying; we're keeping ourselves busy - just the way I like it.

Monday, April 4, 2011

19 weeks, 2 days Level 2 Ultrasound

Today we had our level 2 ultrasound (regular anatomy check).  Thankfully everything went really well!! Tabby's growth and size seem to be right on target.  She wasn't camera shy, nor was she stubborn with the tech. (I seem to remember that Leah was turning in the exact opposite direction that the tech needed her to when we had her ultrasound done!  But that was part of Leah's charm.)

Here are some pictures of our little Tabitha:

She gets a kick out of us:

The tech switched it over to 4D for a moment, so far I can only tell that she seems to have my big forehead:

We also got a good hiney shot for confirmation that she is indeed a girl but I'll spare her the embarrassment of having that posted  : )

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

18 weeks, 4 days Doctors Appointment

My doctors appointment today went very well!  
My blood pressure was good, I've still managed to not gain any weight, and Tabby's heart rate was 148 bpm.

I was given a consent form to read over on VBAC's - which is what I would optimally like to do, and is my plan A.  We'll just have to wait and see what happens as the months go on to see if that plan will come through.  
(With Leah I learned that you can plan and plan - and nothing, and I mean nothing; will turn out the way you planned).   
Men plan, God laughs.  

My next appointment will also be my glucose screening.  And unlike the OB I had when I was pregnant with Leah, I won't have to go to the office, sit in the waiting room, then drink, and then sit there waiting for an hour for the blood draw.  I was given my 'juice' today, with instructions printed on it to drink it about an hour before getting to the office, then when I arrive I just tell the receptionist that I'll need my blood drawn in X minutes when the hour is up.  How convenient!

No pictures to share from today though ..... but on Monday we'll be going for our level 2 ultrasound and so I'll gladly trade your prayers and good thoughts for some new pictures on Monday.  : )

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Baby-doll for the New Baby

Leah never got to play with her Baby Be Blessed doll .........

with it's scripture patch her Nana picked out just for her: 

It arrived after Leah had departed.  She now sits next to Leah's teddy bear urn on the mantle.  

And now; her little sister's doll is being made by the lovely ladies over at Baby Be Blessed.  I ordered it last Friday.

I picked out the scripture since at the time, only Jeff and I knew her name!  But here it is, along with the scripture:

My hope and prayer is that Tabby not only gets to enjoy playing with her doll baby for many years to come - but that she also learns the importance of the scripture I chose for her and that she comes to understand how lucky she is to have her big sister Leah as her guardian angel.  

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Some news ......

Jeff and I have some exciting news to share but we wanted to let Leah do the honors:

Yes, Baby Turnquist #2 is due in late August (8/27 to be exact - and Jeff's birthday is 8/26!)
We have known since mid-December; we had the CVS testing done on 2/10 (Leah's 2nd birthday) and just got the results on Friday.  Baby #2 will not be affected with EB, but will be a carrier.  
(Each pregnancy has a 25% chance of no EB gene being inherited, two 25% chances of getting the EB gene from just 1 parent (carrier), and 25% chance EB genes from both parents and thus, affected).  

And ..................


Needless to say, we are beyond ecstatic!!!  Not to mention relieved, shocked, exhausted from the wait, a wee bit nervous, and of course: THANKFUL!

Here she is waving hello to everyone:

I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of Him.
1 Samuel 1:27

Sunday, February 13, 2011

From a Lullaby to Goodbye

(I have previously posted about this, just as a quick blurb; but now I have more details and actual links to share).

From a Lullaby to Goodbye is a new book, created by Patti McKenna and written by over 2 dozen people who have had to say goodbye to a child much too soon.  The book is meant to comfort newly bereaved parents, grandparents, etc by sharing experiences and offering encouragement.  

I am honored to have Leah's story included in the book.  Her chapter is titled 'When God Gives Us Angels'.  

At the moment the book is only available in ebook format, and only available at the blog Patti has set up for the book:
The cost is $9.00

I've been told that the ebook will be uploaded to Amazon shortly as well.

The print format of the book is still in the works; but when it is available I will provide a link.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Leah's Birthday Fundraiser

Well, I just sent in the donation to DebRA for all the money we've raised selling the flower seed cards.  

Though the fundraiser is still not done ...... I am very happy to announce that with the money we've raised so far I was able to send, in Leah's memory, a donation of ....................

Thank you to everyone who has helped; either by buying some cards, sharing the fundraiser with your family, friends and co-workers; or just spreading the word via Facebook!! 
I know Leah is proud of all of us.....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Leah!

Happy 2nd Birthday in Heaven Leah!

Dearest Leah, Mommy and Daddy love you and miss you so much Princess.

I know that my redeemer lives, 
and that in the end He will stand on the earth.
And after my skin has been destroyed, 
yet in my flesh I will see God
Job 19:25-26

P.S. Tomorrow I am going to send in the donation from all the seed cards we've sold over the past few months.  I will do a separate post with the grand total letting everyone know.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Flowers for Leah Fundraiser Update

Well, we're coming down to the last scheduled month of the fundraiser to commemorate Leah's 2nd birthday!

So far $815 has been raised!   
That's awesome!!  Thank you so much to everyone who has donated!

Now, all along I knew having a fundraiser based on butterflies and flowers in the winter was a bit 'un-timely' - but, given that Leah's birthday is smack dab in the middle of winter, that's just the way the cookie crumbles.  

So, with 2 months to go till spring, a boat-load of seed paper still to go around, and still new interest in folks to purchase seed cards, I've decided to continue the Flowers for Leah fundraiser; at least through the spring.
(I just ordered another 250 cards, with a new design to boot!)

So, I will still be sending a check to dEBra the day after Leah's birthday, with whatever we've raised up until then.  After that I will send additional donations in Leah's name until the fundraiser officially ends.  

To order just 1 card, please click on the yellow PayPal 'donate' button on the right sidebar.  

To partake in the most frequent order, a set of 5 cards; the cost would be: 

By check: $27.00         (Email me for details about where to send your check).
Via PayPal: $28.50      (Email me if you like this option and I will send you an invoice via PayPal).  Please note: The extra cost is to cover the fee's PayPal charges 

And again, if you'd like more, please e-mail me and I'll be happy to help you.  

Also, if you live outside of the US; please don't let the hassle of international shipping deter you.  I am currently getting ready to send out packets to folks in the UK and Canada.  

For any and all questions, my email is:

Thanks everyone!

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