Friday, November 27, 2009

EB family featured in Discovery Channel show

Next Wednesday, December 2nd at 9 PM EST, Discovery Health Channel will be airing a special titled "Truth Be Told: I Have A Special Needs Child".  One of the three families featured on the show will be the Sheridans.  Samantha Sheridan is a tremendously brave and awesome 14 year old girl who lives in Florida.  She has just undergone the stem cell transplant procedure that Dr. Wagner at the U of Minnesota has been doing for a few years now.   
This special has previously been scheduled to air several times and the network, for some reason or another, always pulls it off the schedule at the last minute.  So hopefully I won't have to blog a retraction of this ..... (ahem ... Discovery Channel!!). 

I was watching a DVR'd episode of 17 Kids and Counting this morning when I came walking back into the living room with some of Leah's laundry. I looked at the TV, gasped and said "That's Sam!!!"
I was so excited I had to rewind the show and snap a photo:

I hope everybody can watch the show and learn about our beautiful hero Sam, and her amazing family.

In other news ....................

Can you tell Mommy is super duper excited about Leah's first Christmas?!  Yes, she has 3 stockings.  I figured she's been such a good girl that Santa will need more than 1 to fit all her goodies in.  : )


Linda said...

Three Christmas stockings, I guess she really has been good. Only kidding. We all KNOW how terrific she has been this year.
Glad you posted about the special about Samantha. Hopefully we can get scads of people to watch this wonderfully brave, beautiful teenager. She has been through so much and still having problems. Always in our prayers Samantha. Love you guys. Give Leah a kiss for me. Love Mom

Holly K said...

Hi Meghann - I am a first-time visitor to your blog and must say my heart and holiday thoughts go out to you, your family, and your sweet daughter, Leah. I discovered your blog through BlogFrog and wanted to come over and say hello. I know we have other bloggers in our BlogFrog network who blog about their children with EB - would you like me to try and connect you? I will also share your blog via Twitter (with the #blogfrog hashtag) and other BlogFrog members will see it. I would love for you to meet other EB moms.

Warmly - Holly (co-founder BlogFrog)

Janel Waters said...

Thank you so much for posting about the special on your blog. This is going to do so much for EB - and I really hope that they do an update on Sam - she has just been through so much!!

I absolutely LOVE the 3 stockings!! She totally deserves it!

Marybeth said...

Hi Meghann,

This is Marybeth, Sam's mom. Wow your baby is so beautiful, and I love how you did this web site. If we can ever help you with anything, anything at all please feel free to call me or email and I would be happy to help. After almost 15 years in this world, I am sure there will things you may need help with and if so please don't hesitate. Thank you for sharing our show oon your site, and most of all...Thank you for cheering my Sam on, and always being so supportive. Your mom is an absolute Gem, and I am gald to know her. My mom passed away 2 years ago, and I have missed her so much ever world will never be the same. She was my biggest fan, as your mom seems to be yours. God Bless you and your family always, and God Speed a cure for Leah!!!
Marybeth Sheridan & Family

Anonymous said...

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