Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eye Update

Just a quick update on Leah's eyes since we just got back from our appointment with Dr. V (and Jeff is out picking up lunch for us).

Leah's eyes look fantastically fully healed and beautifully all better!!!


Both eyes look terrific; not just the old abrasion ..... and the newer abrasion doesn't just look 'a little bit better' .... they both look completely healed. 

We have to continue with our regimen of drops, ointment, and the cool mist humidifiers to keep it that way - and I will; faithfully.  I don't want her to feel that pain again and I need to keep seeing those beautiful big blue eyes.


Linda said...

So glad everything went so well at the eye doctor. Can you take a picture of those baby blues for me and post them.
Thank you Lord for healing those beautiful blue eyes. Love you guys. Give Leah a big kiss for me. Miss you. Love Mom XOXOXOXOXO

Janel Waters said...

YEA!!!!!! so glad to hear good news!!

Patrice said...

Praise God! Glad things are going well. I love the pics of the lights. Aren't you just so excited about Christmas with Leah? I'm so pumped about celebrating with Jonah. There's just something extra special about holidays with our EB babes. I never thought we'd make it here. God is good! Praying for and loving you guys.

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