Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmastime is here........

First of all - I want to remind everyone to watch the Discovery Health Channel at 9:00 PM (EST) tonight to watch 'Truth Be Told: I Have a Special Needs Child' which will feature the Sheridans and their beautiful daughter Samantha.  Sam has RDEB. 

As for the Christmastime part of my post .... last night after Leah's bath, trach change, trach collar change and bandage session, we took her over to Grandma and Grandpa's house to see their backyard Christmas display.  We figured we had to do it on a night when Jeff was home, it fit into her eating schedule, and it wasn't raining or 30 degrees outside.
Leah was such a good girl the whole time.  She got to see all the pretty lights, and hang out with her lil cousin Nathan.
You can't see it in any pictures but her sleeper outfit said 'Snow Cute'.  Haha.  She also had double socks and 2 big flannel blankets wrapped around her.

Daddy got artistic with the pictures he took:

I'm not so artistic:

Leah and Nathan talking about this 'Santa' character everyone keeps telling them about.
P.S. Can you tell Jeff looks like his Dad?

"Ok, I'll unwrap this one .... you watch and see how it's done"

My little star.

Grandpa, Nathan, Grandma and Leah.  Nathan was more interested in the TV than by what was going on.

Baby covered Grandma.

We started a tradition of the Advent Calendar .... and yesterday was the first day!! So here is Leah with her calendar, prior to opening door 1.

And here she is after we opened it ...... I can't say she was overly enthused about the whole thing.


Linda said...

What beautiful pictures. The lights look so festive. Glad Leah could get out and get some fresh air and see the beautiful Christmas lights. So glad she could go visit Grandma and Grandpa too. She looks awesome. Give her kiss from Nana. Miss you guys!!! Love Mom

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! She is just too sweet for words.

Nicole said...

was it def on? I looked and didnt see the show on my tvguide!!

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