Our Story

Once upon a time ………….

A little boy was born in Southern California, and about a year later a little girl was born in Philadelphia. The little boy was a Navy brat, and eventually moved to Maryland and grew up in the suburbs of DC. The little girl stayed and grew up in Philly. They were cute kids.

The little girl was a nerd, with tape on her coke bottle glasses and her nose in a book. She grew up to continue being a nerd; she liked it, and it got her into college with a scholarship to boot. The little boy grew up to be a heavy metal singer (no lie) and had long hair and sang metal songs in a scary metal voice. The girl was still in school, still being a nerd; and too focused on school to worry about silly boys, especially silly boys with long hair who sang scary metal songs. The boy grew tired of school and rather than continuing on in college, decided to travel the world as a tour manager for various and sundry music groups (no lie). Whether he was in Japan or home in Maryland; it didn’t matter, the boy and the girl had no idea that the other existed……

Separated by 150 miles, and seemingly totally different lifestyles; they somehow managed to have tons of things in common. Most importantly (for the purposes of this story), they both loved the music of Fiona Apple and the writings of Chuck Palahniuk. In the good ol’ days of AOL, a user could personalize their profile to include all their hobbies, likes, and ‘stuff’. Stuff like: lyrics from Fiona Apple songs and quotes from Chuck Palahniuk books. These profiles could be searched for a variety of these things.
One day in the summer of 2000, both the boy and girl were logged onto their respective computers. The boy was bored and starting searching profiles …. the girl was most likely busy reading something about something smart and pithy. Suddenly a pesky Instant Message popped up the girls screen ……... “Great, another pervert”, she thought. But somehow he wasn’t the typical AOL’er she encountered ……
In that very first conversation the boy jokingly asked the girl to marry him, she said “No thanks – I’m busy”. Weeks passed and they chatted on and off – but not regularly – and then months passed and they didn’t chat at all – the boy was still busy traveling the world and being cool. The girl was still busy in school (and being cool)
In April of 2003 that pesky Instant Message popped up again. The boy was done traveling the world – the girl was still in school. They began talking every day, several times a day …. for hours.

The boy pestered the girl, wanting to meet her. The girl pestered the boy by saying, “No thanks – I’m busy”.

In May of 2004 she wasn’t going to be so busy anymore …. she had earned her degree. On May 11, 2004, the boy and the girl met for the first time.  4 years later the boy asked the girl to marry him, for real this time, and she said “Ok – but I’m still busy”.

Written by:

Little girl/girl (Meghann): still nerdy, still likes to be busy, loves that the internet was invented (thanks Al Gore!), loves Jeff, loves Leah, loves her parents, loves God, works full-time, blogs part-time, works on a book about Leah’s life part-time, keeps her house remarkably clean, loves to organize things, has the cutest cat in the world (Hannah), has the cutest puppy in the world (Sammie), dreams that she can someday be a stay-at-home Mom to a bunch of cute kids and home-school them. (Maybe it’ll come true someday).


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Linda said...

Even though I know your story, it was still nice to read. I can't believe that it has been 6 years since the first time I met Jeff. Loved him the first day, and I still do. I guess I knew he would bless me with the greatest gift of all, Leah. Love you guys so much. Love Mom

abby said...

cutest story ever! its like something out of a story book! I wish love was like that for me. But, sadly its not. I just got out of a bad relationship.

Anonymous said...

lovely <3 and your parents comments made me choke up!

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