Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowed In

If you've heard anything about the snowstorm going on here in Maryland and along most of the east coast, then you know just how much snow we got last night and today.

See this?

Yeah, neither can I really.  Sorry, but I took this when it was already dark, through a sliding glass door ..... but it's the top of our 18" ruler sticking out of the snow.  We put the ruler out on the back patio early this morning when it was just about up to 6".  It looks like it's up to 17".  And I believe we're getting even more snow tonight.

But it was fun to be stuck at home with Jeff and Leah today.  Jeff was supposed to go to work at 5 but obviously, he didn't have to go.  I think once we heard on the news that Prince Georges' County cops were escorting non-essential personnel that they found on the roads home - we knew he'd be staying home today.  It was nice; I made a double batch of pizzelles while Leah napped and Jeff watched her.

Speaking of the little lady ..... she's been doing really good lately.  Eating very well, her ear seems to be getting better (which I think go hand in hand) and her face is starting to look really good.  (Healing wise .... that is).   She always looks like the cutest thing ever.

Here she is from the other night:

And here she is from just a few hours ago:

Please excuse the cotton in the ear.

Oh and I've got to write about my new set up for all our dressing supplies.  Since my whole life is Leah and taking care of her - I get super excited over stuff that makes our lives easier.  I went online to look for a new organizer for her supplies that we use during her dressing changes and found a Lock N Lock product on QVC.  It's AWESOME!!!!
It's 6 separate 6 x 6 x 2 boxes that stack one on top of the other and snap together.  There are 2 lids so I can have 2 different stacks - or one big stack.  Then when we're ready to bandage - we just disconnect them all and lay them out flat.
I friggin love it.

One has just gauze. another has pre-cut blue line tubifast and green line tubifast, and all the others have pre-cut pieces of Mepitel, Mepilex Transfer, Mepilex Lite, Regular Mepilex and Restore in varying shapes and sizes.

And then there is my pink carry basket that holds all the other things I need ..... extra pieces of everything, as well as all the silver products that I don't like to take out of the plastic and pre-cut before I need them. 

And then there are all the creams that I store in old Alwyn Cream jars ... all together everything makes up 'Dressing Change Central':

(1 of the jars is actual Alwyn! Another is diaper cream and the 3rd one is Derma Gran -B).

Ah .... organization .... it's always everything I ever dreamed it could be.


Linda said...

Her face looks soooo much better. Whatever you're doing, continue to do it, it really seems to be working. Can't wait until I can see my beautiful granddaughter on Christmas morning. I'm counting the days. Give Leah a big kiss for me. Love you guys!!!! Love Mom XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

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