Monday, November 2, 2009

Great weekend .... till Mommy injured herself

My injury is that I pulled a muscle in my calf last night around 7:30.  Or I could have torn it - I don't know.  I just read up on it.  There's 3 different grades of the injury and I'm guessing it's not that bad.  But I did it trying to stop Leah from rubbing her face.  Last night she had a 10 minute long episode of being fussy, while trying to get to her face.  She kept dropping her binky and then wanting it back, only to drop it again.  So I thought she may want something to drink so I tucked her arms in, speed walked (which I normally do around the house) to the kitchen to prep a bottle, popped it in the microwave, then speed walked back to the living room to check on Leah.  As I turned the corner to come into the living room I saw Leah had fought her arm free and was rubbing her face - I started to run the last 8 or so feet to get to her when I heard, and felt a 'Pop!'.  In the back of my mind I thought, 'Well that's not gonna be good' but in the front of my mind was still 'Must stop Leah from rubbing her face'.  So I got to her, sat down in front of her and that's when the pain hit me.  I called Jeff since he was at work, and told him to come home because I didn't know if I'd even be able to stand up.  Then I called my Mom since she had tried to call me earlier, but I also just had a 'I want my Mommy' moment.  She gave the phone to my Dad who has done this to his leg several times.  I remember him talking about playing baseball, running to a base and hearing the pop in his leg - now I know what he was talking about.  But he told me to ice it and elevate it.   So that's what I've been doing.  I can still hobble around, and we did give Leah her bath and did her bandages today - just a little bit slower than usual.  I basically have to move my leg as if I had a brace on my knee. 

But anyway, enough about me; this blog isn't called 'Mutilated Mommy Meggie'.  Leah's eye is looking better every day.  It's still not totally back to normal but it is surely improving.  She's smiling more and more as the pain in her eye is getting less.  But she has been wanting to rub her face more, so I'm guessing as it heals, along with the rest of her face, she's itchy again.  If only she would willingly take her medicine!

The rest of her skin looks good.  We didn't have any blisters to pop today!  Even Leah's ears are looking really good at the moment. 

Plus, Leah felt better after having her special visitors this weekend.  Nana and Pop-Pop made the 3 hour drive down to see her on Saturday morning!!  They helped us rearrange the living room to give us more room for baby-fun-time-zone.  Our living room is big enough to be separated into a 'tv-watching zone' and 'baby zone' so that's what I wanted to do with it.  Now the whole one side can be to set up for Leah's play mats and toys.  With Christmas coming I know she's going to have even more things to entertain her -- and encourage her to learn to sit up on her own!


Linda said...

So glad you are doing better with the leg. Sorry I couldn't be there to help out but maybe in the future I wouldn't be so far away. So happy that Leah's eye is getting better. Hopefully the next time I see her she will be smiling again. Give her hug and kiss from Nana. Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!XOXOXO

rjg849 said...

no matter what she has to put up with she's the picture of love! Leah could teach us all a thing or two about putting up with adversities. I'm thrilled to hear she's smiling more and the eye is getting better. Love you all and a special big kiss for my beautiful grand daughter. Love PoP PoP(I still think she would have been a great pirate for holloween, a patch on her eye and a butterfly on her shoulder)

Baby be Blessed said...

praying for you and your family!

Anonymous said...


Hope your leg is getting better. Think about you often. I'll be checking this now so I can know what's going on with the Little Lady. Love to you all:)) xoxo Chrissy

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