Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jeff's Video for Leah and Thank You's

I'd like to send out a very special thank you to the local Kenilworth Women's Club who have blessed our family with a very generous donation to help us through the upcoming holiday season!  We are truly appreciative.
And on that note, I'd like to send another special thank you to everyone else out there who sends us your prayers, love, support and donations.  We continue to feel blessed, humbled, thankful and grateful for all you folks out there who keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

In other news; we actually didn't make it to Leah's eye appointment today.  A 'perfect storm' of sorts was created that made us think it best to just reschedule for next week.  Most importantly, Leah's eyes look awesome.  They are definitely healing and she is feeling great.  Secondly, traffic today was awful.  Grandma called Jeff around 12:30 to say that Grandpa Guy had just left from work in D.C. and had called her to say that traffic was already really bad.  We Google mapped our commute, entering in traffic consideration and saw that our commute would have been well over an hour.  Thirdly, it was raining today.  Also, Jeff had work tonight and wouldn't have made it in time with the traffic situation. And lastly, both Jeff and I have had moderate headaches all day.

Dr. V already emailed me to ask how everything is, and to say that he is on call this weekend should anything happen with the status of Leah's eyes.  But I'm sure everything will be fine. 

And for your daily dose of cuteness .... here is something Jeff made up for his little princess - enjoy!:


Linda said...

I would like to thank the Kenilworth Women's Club too. That was so thoughtful and I'm sure that Meg and Jeff are very grateful for this very generous donation. Thank you again. Love Leah's Nana

Elizabeth Ann said...

I just want to tell you that I am absolutely praying for you. I Just found you blog today and wow! What a huge responsibility and blessing God has given you!!! You have a huge annointing. I cannot imagine how much pain that angel is in but i do believe that God still works miracles and he CAN heal your angel. Praying for you all. Please know you are so amazing and what you do and you have a huge calling to do this! :)

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