Sunday, November 8, 2009

Want to see the most beautiful thing ever ....

Look at her widdle mouth! Her love for her binky gets us few non-binky pictures.  She has the cutest mouth ... and yes, she did inherit my mouth (Thanks, French ancestry for full lips!) but that's neither here nor there .... on her it's the most beautiful thing ever, and so is she.  I'm trying to get a good picture of her gorgeous blonde, slightly curly hair too.

Sorry I haven't updated the blog lately but this past week we were kind of off our schedule.  I typically do all my blogging in the morning while Leah sleeps, and since she sleeps in until 9:00 ish most mornings, I have plenty of time to blog, read other blogs, reply to emails, cut diapers, ready any supplies we'll need during the day, clean bottles, etc.  But with my leg still bothering me earlier in the week, Jeff was getting up early to let me and my leg rest.  Isn't he sweet?

Leah's eye is almost totally back to normal.  Only after awhile of keeping it open and exposing it to light does she start to squint a bit and you can tell it's still not 100%.  But she's definitely feeling better: being awake more, playing, smiling, doing her trach-laugh (where you can only hear a puff of air coming out of her trach, but the rest of her body language lets you know: it's a laugh).  We're still having to keep her arms down because it seems like all she wants to do is rub her face. 

Her eating schedule has been off for the past few days.  I think she's teething because there are times she doesn't even want her binky, and then other times when she does this move where she basically does a big pout, holding her binky further out (so the rubber is against her gums) and then sucks on the binky hardcore.  Yesterday she only got up to 22 1/4 ounces and that was with essentially snacking all day on small bottles.  If it looks like she's heading in that direction again today I'll do a combo of Baby Orajel and Tylenol to see if it helps.  Yesterday was the only day in weeks that she hasn't had upwards of 27 oz per day so I don't want her new 22 and a quarter becoming the norm. 

And as for me, my leg is getting better, I'm basically back to normal, just having to go a little bit slower than I'm used to.  Every once in awhile I'll step a certain way and wince from the pain but after an hour or so I'm fine again. 


rjg849 said...

Of course she's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, she's my grand daughter! We give thanks that her eye is almost completely healed, and also that her mommy is the best mommy in the world, and along with her daddy the team is unbeatable. Try wrapping an ace bandage on the leg sweetheart.Just enough to give support to the muscle not enough to cut the blood flow. I keep you all in my prayers daily and trust in God that his love will be on Leah and her Mommy and Daddy always. I look forward to the next time we can be down to see you in person, untill then give the best baby in the world a big kiss from PoP PoP.
All my Love!

Linda said...

Meg: Leah looks just like you did when you were that small. Gotta love that face!!!So glad her eye is getting better. Sure hope she is smiling when I get down there on Saturday. Give her a big kiss from Nana. Love you guys so much. XOXOXO

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