Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Summer 3-in-1 Seat

Today after her lunch I decided to try putting Leah in her Summer 3 in 1 infant seat again. Every other time we've attempted it - it hasn't gone well. If I'm not sitting right there with 1 hand on her and another on the toys, trying to persuade Leah to play with them - she's just gotten so fussy so fast that I have to pull her out. She even upset herself to the point of making herself spit up one time. When she has been calm in it she showed no interest in any of the toys and won't grab at anything. She just sits there staring at me like" 'Ok, Mom - now what? You mean I'm supposed to entertain myself in this thing?! Don't you know that that's your job?'

But I'm stubborn so every few days I try again - hoping she'll get the concept and enjoy herself.

Today she actually liked it!! Well, I didn't get any huge smiles or excited kicks, but she didn't cry until she was just too tired to play anymore. And she didn't spit up all over herself and the seat - so I consider it an accomplishment - and a step towards her being in it more often and being able to play while sitting up without me sitting right there with her, trying to suction while I sit behind her.

I got some video but not any great moments -- my camera ran out of battery power; as it's known to do anytime I use it for more than 4 consecutive minutes.

And I'm hoping that you can see that her eyes are looking much better!  We go back to see Dr. V tomorrow so we'll see just how much healing she's done over the past few days.


Linda said...

It looks like she was enjoying herself. Not fussy or crying, so she was having fun. She looks really great. The face is getting much better and the eyes are open. She must be feeling so much better. God Bless her. Give her big kiss from Nana. Love you guys!!!!!!!!! Love Mom

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