Friday, October 30, 2009

Eye Update

Well we went back to the doctor at Johns Hopkins today.  Leah's eye had actually gotten better overnight!! The doctor said the tear/abrasion looked smaller and there are still no signs of infection or anything else to cause worry. 

Today was better all around since we knew what we had to do and where to go - the only worry I had going in was that they'd look and say it was worse, or infected, or start bringing up that 'admitting' word.  Yesterday our doctor called her attending physician after she looked at Leahs eye and on the phone the attending threw that word out there: as in, if it's so bad that it would need to be watched they'd want to admit Leah.  Our minds were made up already that we wouldn't let them do that anyway, but even so ...... the battle of wills would've exhausted me.  And I'm already tired since I didn't sleep so well last night.  I recall waking up somewhere around 4:30 AM doing an 'Alright!' fist pump, then I realized I was doing it because I had just woken up from a dream where Leah's eye had completely healed and it was back to normal.

Oh and we didn't have any strange/scary people in any lobbies or waiting rooms today -- just a very odd dude walking outside on the hospitals campus that asked us something that neither of us could decipher.  I guess not living, working, or going to school in Philly for almost 5 years now has caused my skill for translating crazy-street-people to fail.  I figured a safe response was: "I don't know".  Jeff said: "I'm not sure".  I was more concerned with keeping myself between the crazy dude and Leah's stroller - all the while preparing myself to throw the crazy dude down on the concrete if he made any sudden movements toward the stroller. 

Our prescription for Leah's eye ointment got all figured out.  I took the script to the pharmacy at the hospital yesterday because the doctor said they should have it, while alot of other pharmacies won't because there's a national shortage of the stuff.  Rather than waiting 90 minutes for it last night, we said we'd be back tomorrow (today) for it -- but the pharmacy called me last night to say that they're out of it.  (Leah's doctor had given us a tube from the offices stock so we knew we'd be good for a couple of days at least). So today we got a copy of our original script along with another prescription that the doctor said might be hard to find but would be more available that what our original script was for.  But anyway, when we got home I was all prepared to call countless pharmacies until I found one that carried these eye ointments.  I called out local CVS first and surprisingly, they had both of them!!

Best of all we had a nice hour-long cuddle session on the couch tonight.  I know Leah's had a crappy couple of days with her eye hurting her, and just the general commotion of running around to doctors offices; so I wanted to love on her for a bit.  I've fallen behind on my house/mommy work these past 2 days but I said to myself "Screw that crap - I'm cuddling with the baby".

So our plan for the weekend is to just keep the little girl quiet and calm so she can rest her eye, all the while smearing globs of prescription goo along her eyelashes.  Then on Monday I'll call around to wrangle up a closer doctors office that we could go to. 

Leah and I are excited for the weekend cause her Nana and Pop Pop are coming down to visit her!!!  Hopefully she'll feel well enough to open her eyes up a bit to see her visitors!   


Anonymous said...

Praying for the eye infection to continue to clear up, for you all to be wrapped in God's arms for comfort, strength to endure all this and wisdom for the doctors. Please give Leah a big hug for us and tell her we love her so much! Thanks for the great posts. Aunt Penny

Linda said...

It was so nice to see you guys this weekend. Sorry that Leah wasn't her usual happy, smiley self, but she sure is still the cutest little girl that I know. So proud of you Meg and all that you do for this beautiful special little girl. Give her a kiss from Nana. Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!

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