Friday, November 13, 2009

Fashion plate Leah

Hi everybody!  Leah's napping so I'll blog for her today.  : )

We went to the pediatrician yesterday for Leah's 2nd flu shot and while we were there Nurse MacLeod did Leah's 9 month check up.  Everything went great.  I was glad Nurse MacLeod was there and able to do it.  She's super nice and sweet.  She calls me periodically just to check in on Leah, and gave me her personal cell phone number to call her for anything.  Nice, huh?

Nurse MacLeod also arranged everything so we can go see a closer opthamologist, and a strictly pediatric opthamologist at that.  An official appointment hasn't been made yet but I believe next Thursday is when we will go to see Leah's new eye doc.   

Today, after her bath, we put Leah in the outfit that Aunt Penny's neighbor Lynn made for her!!

We received it quite a few weeks back but with the face rubbing fury and the eye issue, we postponed putting her in it.  It's super cute! It's like a little baby kimono, that way we don't have to fit it over her head, ears, or trach.  The collar is nice and loose and there's no zippers or anything metal.  In case you've never shopped for clothes for an EB baby ... it's hard.  And then try finding clothes for an EB kid with wounded ears and a trach and a whole other group of 'EB-friendly' clothes becomes not so friendly.  So it was super duper nice of Lynn to make this outfit for Leah.  She's definitely comfy in it.

 Thank you Lynn!!!!!

And I'm sure most of the people who read this also read up on Jonah and Tripp and already know what's going on: but if everyone could send extra prayers Tripps way this weekend, that would be great.  Little Tripp is in the hospital after a scary trach-related episode at home yesterday. 


Linda said...

She looks so comfy in her beautiful new kimono. She sure is a cutey pie. Thank you Lynn for making this adorable kimono for Leah. We sure do appreciate it. Give Leah kisses and hugs from Nana. Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!

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