Friday, July 16, 2010

The Tale of Petey the Praying Mantis

Now, if Petey is really a grasshopper than I guess I should change the title of this post, and his name ... but in any event:
little Petey had an adventure today. 
He rode on the hood of my car from the parking garage at the Metro stop, all the way home.  (About a 12 minute drive).
I suppose he was there on the hood before I even got into the car, but I didn't notice him until I was pulling up to swipe my card to exit the parking garage.  As I waited for the first traffic light, I took a picture of him:

I figured by the time I made my first few turns and got my speed up to the mid 40's, he'd tumble, or get blown off; and it made me kind of sad.   But, somehow he kept hanging on. 
By the time I was about to get onto the main road, which would take me (us) up to speeds of about 60 - he got thrown onto the windshield!!

That's when I really figured he was done for .... poor little Petey.  But no.  Smart Petey ducked down into the crevice below the windshield wiper and behind the hood, and stayed there for the rest of my ride.  (During which I could not take a photo cause I was too busy not being that person who plays with their phone while driving on a major road). 
It was somewhere along that stretch of road that I named him Petey, and was literally saying things like "Hang on Petey!!!". 

Sure enough, he made it home with me - safe and sound, albeit a tad windblown.

P.S. Yes, we did have an earthquake here in Maryland this morning - yes I did feel it - no I wasn't scared - yes I knew it was an earthquake right away - and no, neither Sam nor Hannah 'sensed' it or freaked out.  (Just a quick string of answers to the same questions I've been asked all day). 


Linda said...

So proud of you for not being that person who plays with their phone while driving on a major road.
Glad that Petey made it to Bowie in one piece. Love you guys so much. Love Mom

Milles Family said...

Eww...That is way too creapy. I am not so big on the whole bug-thing. I am impressed that he stayed on the car the entire time. Must be a testament to your fantastic driving! :O)

Joanne said...

Looks like a leaf bug. Cool beans. Glad you didn't have to turn on your windshield wipers. :)

Holly said...

Looks like Petey is a katydid. :) Neato!

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