Friday, July 2, 2010

30 random things ...............

1.     Before we had Leah, neither Jeff nor I had done any of these tasks: changed a diaper, fed a baby, or dressed a baby.  In fact, I can't recall if I ever held a baby before I had Leah.
2.     (My excuse for number 1)  I'm the baby of the family ..... truly. I am the youngest grandchild from both sets of my grandparents, and my Dad is 1 of 8!
3.     Jeff and I are both left-handed.
4.     Both Jeff and I are the products of right-handed parents.
5.     Leah, Jeff and I all have names with initials that spell something.  (It's a tradition in my Mom's family ..... LET, JET and MEG (now MET)).
6.     Until my first ultrasound I was convinced Leah was a boy ..... Jeff was convinced she was a girl.  (One of us had to be right). 
7.     I was named after the main character in the novel The Thorn Birds (my Mom read it while she was pregnant with me).
8.     Jeff was named after a street in Long Beach California (where he was born).  
9.     We decided on the name 'Leah' partially because of one of the sextuplets on Jon and Kate Plus 8.
10. I wasn't crazy about the name at first; then I did research into it and found out it meant 'wild cow'.  Then I was really hesitant.  Then I read somewhere about how Laban (Leah and Rachel's father in the Bible) was a farmer, and so he wanted to name his daughters after the things that brought him his livelihood and that he cherished. His ewe's (Rachel) and his cows (Leah).  Then I fell in love with the name. 
11. Leah and I both share the middle name of 'Elizabeth'.  It means 'Gods Promise'. 
12. My Dad picked 'Elizabeth' when presented with 2 choices from my Mom: Eileen or Elizabeth.
13. I’m really thankful my Dad picked Elizabeth!
14. My maiden name of 'Gehring' is of German derivation.
15. The last name of 'Turnquist' is of Scandinavian derivation.
16. Jeff is the only boyfriend I have ever had and I wouldn't change that for the world.  God chose us for each other and my reward for waiting patiently for my prince is the bestest hubby in the world. 
17. I have 3 tattoos.  All are related to my family - my favorite is my maiden name on the small of my back, it's actually in my Grandfathers handwriting.  (I'm autographed by my Grandpa!)
18. Jeff has 0 tattoos, will never get a tattoo, does not like tattoos; you get the picture!
19. I didn't learn how to drive until I was 23.
20. I have never been on a plane!
21. I think my parents are awesome.  My Mom is amazingly strong and my Dad is amazingly wise and industrious.  They're parenting style (though I'm sure they don't even think they have one) is perfect.  To this day I fear disappointing my parents - which is a big difference from 'making them angry'.  
22. I have 1 sister and 1 half-brother.
23. My brother was an extra in the film Rocky 2.
24. Both of Leah's grandfathers are Navy men.
25. Leah and I both lived in 2 different states: Pennsylvania and Maryland.
26. The name of the town we live in is: Bowie - but it is not pronounced like David Bowie - it sounds like: buoy.
27. A job I've had that most people would be surprised to know is: Counselor at a detention center for juvenile delinquents.  It was not fun.
28. Something most people definitely do not know about me:  I was legally blind in my right eye as a child - I had Strabismus.  After years of eye therapy and an operation, I don't even need glasses and have 20/20 vision.  
29. I am extremely stubborn ….. and I think that’s a trait Leah inherited from me – and so now, I’m proud of it.  When she was being stubborn I’d call her a ‘stinker’ and she’d just smirk.  : )
30. My favorite Leah memory: Quite often I would sit Leah on my knee, and hold her torso to balance her, and we’d watch TV, dance to music, etc.– every so often, in response to a question or just my voice, she’d turn her head, look up at me, smile; and throw herself back against my chest and raise her hands up to my face as if to give me a little ‘Leah hug’.  


Patrice said...

I really loved this post. I can't really explain but it was neat to "hear" you tell about yourself. And I love the memory of Leah. I can picture it so clearly. Made me smile. :) Love you.

rjg849 said...


Linda said...

Dear Meg: Thank you for the compliment and I agree with your dad, you could never disappoint us. You are so special and have always been my little girl.
Love you so much and see you next weekend. Love Mom XOXO

Just Diane said...
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Just Diane said...

I had to rewrite my comment. After I walked away from the computer I thought I may have made a small error.

I meant...

Well, dangit, I love you too MEGHANN. Thanks for the little insight.

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