Sunday, July 25, 2010

Leah's Great-Grandpa loves her a bushel and a peck

This is from last September (I think) - when Leah's great-grandpa and great-Aunt Jody came out from California to see her, as well as Leah's great-Aunt Penny who was up from Virginia.  

This is the video I've been dying to post to show everyone how precious it is.  The song he sings is a Turnquist family tradition; as Jeff remembers his late-Grandma singing it to him when he was a little boy - Leah got the chance to be a part of the tradition too:

Thanks to Aunt Jody for getting this on a DVD to send to me - along with some other super cute pictures and videos!


Linda said...

So so cute. I just love it. Leah looked like she was totally loving it. Love you guys. Love Mom

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