Monday, July 19, 2010

Cats Love Remodeling

The latest adventure at the Turnquist house is that we are remodeling my bathroom.  Our house was built in 1968 - and pretty much everything in it, except for the washer and dryer; are from 1968.  My bathroom was a massive pink glow ...... pink tile, pink tub, pink floor, pink sink.  Oh and the tub has these lovely cheap stick on flowery things that are supposed to be non-skid - and I couldn't remove them for love or money.  They're gross, and I've struggled to keep the bath mat accurately positioned to cover all of them so that my toes never touch them.  

The first thing we're tackling is the shower and tub:

After awhile it looked like this:

Then Jeff ripped up the floor last Friday:

 And cut the uneven drywall that had been left:

On Saturday Jeff and his Dad worked the get rid of the old tub.  Turns out the thing was steel covered in porcelain.  No smashing that thing ..... needless to say it was a chore to remove it.  

This is what is left; just a puppy and a bare floor:

But you know how they say cats don't like change .... well as long as the new shower walls lay on the guest bed, Hannah is as happy as a clam to lay on the cool surface on a hot day: 

"Oh ... you're home from work ...... Hi".

"Ahhhhh I can't get up ...... this is so cool".

"Honestly!! Feel it ...... climb on".

"It's enough to put you in a trance".

"No - lady.  Lookit, put the camera down and feel this stuff!"

"May I try it please?!"

"On second thought .... it's just for cats".


Milles Family said...

That is too cute. Remodeling the bathroom does not sound like a fun task. I hope it goes down w/out a hitch. I can't blame you for getting rid of pink. We have emerald green in our master...I'd love to get rid of that. Seriously...who picks pink or emerald green? our house is only 13yrs old...

Linda said...

What great pics. What was Hannah smoking while you were at work? How could Hannah say no to Sammy, I would have let her do anything. What a cute adorable look on her face.
Take care love and good luck with the remodeling. I know that Jeff will do a great job with his Dad's help of course. Love you guys!! Love Mom XOXOXOX

Katie said...

I LOVE PINK!!! I can't understand why you would want to get rid of an entirely pink bathroom. It sounds like complete heaven to me!

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