Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Leah's Garden Grows

The 6 Butterfly Bushes I planted in Leah's garden have actually started to bloom.  Despite the heat wave, and county water restrictions, and just plain ol' forgetting to water them ..... they're actually blooming.  

This is what they're supposed to look like:

And these are Leah's ...............

This is what the best one looks like, as of today:

That's the best one of the six.  The four that are on the shadier side of the house are doing the best.  The other two .... well, I might as well just give 'em a big non-green thumb down.  

This is the next best one .... the lonely one of the edge of the flower bed.

And this one is about to bloom any day now .... and the other one of the 'best four' looks like this too. 


Linda said...

Not too bad for the summer that you have had. Extreme conditions are never good for newly planted flowers. They look pretty good considering. Maybe in a little while they will look like the first picture, all pretty with bright colors.
Thanks for all the recent videos and new pictures of my pudding pop. Love you guys. Love Mom XOXOXO

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