Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ol' Blue Eyes

Here are some newly discovered pictures.  
The other day I realized how few pictures of Leah I have.  In reality, I have tons; but I feel like I need more.  Other people have photos/videos I don't have; have never seen, and I feel like I need to hoard them.  So I've been emailing people like crazy asking for all their Leah footage.  I'm also in the process of pulling the 200+ photos/videos I have on my phone onto my computer.  

So I'll have some more new photos/videos to post in the near future .... but for now, these are some of my new favorites.

Would ya look at those eyes .....

"Yes, yes, Ma, I get it - I'm the cutest thing ever ...."

Having a chat with Aunt Jody about being blonde.

Making jokes with Aunt Jody about being blonde.

3 (Turnquist) Men & a (Turnquist) Baby


Sara said...

I know what you mean about not many pictures...we only have about 12 a Garrett. I imagine you have way more than that, but when it comes to the loss of a child, there are never enough pictures no matter how many you actually have!

Jen said...

how sweet..I love seeing ((new)) pics of ella, so glad you've gotten more :) what a blessing..

Linda said...

I could look at that smiley face all day long, and in fact I sometimes do. Thanks for the new pics of our beautiful Leah. Love you Meg. Love Mom XOXOXOX

Gilda said...

How sweet,glad you found those pics of your beautiful Leah.

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