Monday, October 26, 2009

How to rub your face when you're not supposed to

Leah ate some sweet potatoes yesterday!  She's still only eating about 1/3 to 1/2 a jar at a sitting - but it is a new thing for her and she always follows it up with a bottle so I'm willing to give her some time before she really starts eating big girl food like a champ.

Leah had a good weekend - she stayed away from her face, for the most part.  After last nights bath we decided to try to give her a little bit of arm freedom and not wrap her quite so thickly.  That wasn't a good idea because about an hour after we did that we had to reinforce her arm wrappings and go back to what we were doing before.  She's too quick and too smart.  She knows she shouldn't be rubbing her face, but she thinks she's slick and so she'll take a book or a toy, hold it up like she's inspecting it, then covers her face from our view and rubs.  She does it right in front of me and then when I bring her arm back down and give her that 'Mommy-said-no' look, she looks back and me like "Oh no, I was just checking out this corner of the book here and uh, thought I felt something in my eyebrow ...... " ::big smile:: 

On Saturday I got to take a day-trip up to Philly!! It was so nice to get away - though I missed Leah terribly.  Even just sitting in the car by myself, listening to loud music was like a vacation.  I left the house here at 9 and got to my Dads house at 11:45 - then chilled out in Philly until 6:45ish.  Leah managed to stay awake to see me when I got home.  Since I only ever go out to the grocery store or Target, she must've thought there was a really long line at the store or something.  But it was great to get out of the house and up to good ol' PA for the day.  I'll have to do it more often. 

Here's a picture from last night - pre-thicker wrappings, with the book she likes to use as her face-rubbing accomplice:

And here are some random pictures I found in the camera's memory.  They're probably from 2 or 3 weeks ago.

"Little Red Riding Hood eh?"

"Where's the stock report page .... gotta check my Amazon stock".

"I ain't got no pants!!!"


Anita said...

What a little doll. I am Tripp's Grammy and found you through Patrice. These are some amazing babies and you guys are amazing parents. Tripp had a trach put in today. I'm sure Courtney would love to talk to you.

Linda said...

Hi Guys:
She looks adorable. So glad you could come up and visit.
Just read the comment from Tripps Grammy. So sorry he had to have a trach but hopefully it will be the best for him. Give his Mommy a call and give her my best too. Love you guys!!!! Leah's Nana

amanda said...

You've a great sense of humour that really connects! Little Lady Leah is so cute!

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