Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Big Girl Bed!

Well, it's actually just her crib .... but for the last two nights Leah has slept in it, quite comfortably and quite soundly.  Up until then she was in her Pack N' Plays bassinet.  I know there's a weight limit to those things and we were starting to push the boundaries there so we decided to turn our un-used 'dining room', which was functioning as a 'play room' into Leahs downstairs room.  She's got her own room upstairs too .... pretty nice huh?  I only have one room and I gotta share it with Jeff!  But anyway - I'll take some photos of her new digs but for the moment, here she is snoozing away.

Her face is looking much better!  Though she did manage to get to it this morning while I was making my coffee (Leah's almost never awake when I get up but Ann gave her a final dose of Atarax right before she left and it pissed Leah off so she was awake, moving and fussy for a bit) and she did a small bit of 'new' damage.  But even so; now we know that as long as we can keep her hands away from the face for a few days, she should heal relatively quickly. 

In other news: Leah ate big girl food yesterday!! I've been trying for months and the most she'll do is purse her lips against the spoon and then suck off teeny tiny bits of Carrots or Sweet Potatoes ... but that's it.  Apples, Bananas, and Peas were a no-go all around.  So I picked up some new flavors at the store on Monday with 'High Hopes' (Harry Kalas reference!).  My Mom told me how sometimes babies will only eat from their daddies if it's something other than a bottle.  So last night when Jeff was home I went and got some Butternut Squash ready.  I sat on the couch behind Leah and out of her sight so it was just her and Daddy and lo and behold .... she ate half a jar of the stuff & finished it off with a full bottle of formula.  Tonight we'll have to try it again and see if we've hit paydirt here.


Linda said...

She sure does look cozy in her crib. So glad she finally ate some big girl food. Now you can really have fun feeding her. Bring on the puddings and the fruits. Give her a big kiss from Nana. Miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!XOXOXO

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