Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Friday!

Leah's still sleeping in her crib like a big girl!  She's such a good baby that I don't know why I ever thought she'd be fussy at having her bed changed but even so, it's an accomplishment.  Nothing from her night routine seems to have changed at all.  She still gets 2 bottles overnight from Nurse Ann, and still sleeps in until somewhere in the neighborhood of 8:30 to 9:30.   Today it was 8:30 almost exactly but she wasn't happy -- she had pooped herself.  Normally she's all smiles at just seeing me or Jeff looking at her and saying "Good Morning!!" but I guess when you wake up crapping yourself you don't want to smile at anybody. 

Here is the little greasy lady, still sleeping, pre-poop:

Leah's face is looking much better, though yet again she managed to get to it overnight while Ann was washing bottles in the kitchen.  The new damage is the red spot just above her left eye - while the bigger, less red spot above that eye is what she did the other morning when I blogged about how she had gotten to it.  We have days when even that spot on her left cheek looks better and smaller.

She likes to sleep with her feet free. 

Oh and this one is from the other night when she was in the tub/sink.  It's too cute.  I think she was just finishing up a yawn:

And Leah is doing very good with her big girl food.  She finished her jar of butternut squash over 2 days; and yesterday she ate and enjoyed carrots.  She only had about 1/3 of the jar but she definitely thought they were very yummy.  Jeff's still the only one giving her baby food, while I do the bottles.  Until she gets a taste of some different things and really gets the whole spoon = deliciousness thing down, I think we'll stick with that and then hopefully I'll be able to feed her successfully as well.  She's just such a Daddy's girl sometimes. 


Linda said...

How did I ever get such a cute granddaughter? She is really something. I love the bath picture. Her face is looking soooo much better. Give her a kiss from Nana. Love you guys!!!! XOXOXO

amanda said...

Awww-the bath picture is priceless!

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