Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The forehead

We continue to have issues with the forehead, since Leah continues to scratch, rub and smear Aquaphor all over herself.  It looks like it gets better and then it looks like it gets worse .... or at least it's healing veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slowly.  We're working on getting her some itch-relieving medicine, thanks to a blurb in Patrice's blog about little Jonah.  Thank you Patrice!!!
(We should have our prescription in hand by this evening).

But anyway, here is Leah (and her forehead) from Sunday night.

This is Leah from Monday morning (after a night of sleeping and not rubbing) - this is her 'I just woke up and don't know what in the world is happening' look:

And then here she is from Monday afternoon:

As you can imagine it's frustrating, and nearly impossible to keep her from rubbing.  Her entire head seems to be covered with a quarter inch of Aquaphor at all times but I have to keep reapplying it to her forehead anyway. 


Marian said...

Oh Meg..
I know it is frustrating for you, but hey, look at it as she is just redistributing the Aquaphor more to her liking...
Kiss her from me.

Sara said...

have your tried Alwyn Cream? We love it as do MANY other EB families. National Rehab carries it.

Linda said...

I think she is still the cutest baby in the whole wide world. Hopefully the medicine will help. Again, thanks Patrice for the tip. Give Leah a big kiss from Nana. Love ya lots!!!!

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