Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas for Leah, 2011

Even though Leah is gone she is still a part of our family

and so each Christmas I intend to hang her stocking, 

and her ornaments

These are now two of my all-time favorites:

You can read about them, the reason behind them, the parade they were in, and the wonderful woman responsible for them: Here

Last year, 2010; we didn't put up a tree, or do any decorating at all really.  
We tried to ignore Christmas for the most part. 

2009 was Leah's first and only Christmas, and that years tree theme was Butterflies.  

This years theme became 'Butterflies and Angels' without me really even trying..........


Linda said...

Beautiful ornaments for a beautiful little girl. Miss you so much my precious Leah. Love Nana

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Hey sweetie! What Beautiful and special ornaments! And you are right.....Leah will ALWAYS be a part of your family! She most definitely deserves a spot on your Xmas tree! It is also one more way to honor such a brave little girl!

I know the end of this month will mark her journey to heaven. I know this because a year ago is when I happened to find your blog (by chance I think not). It was definitely Devine intervention. I believe it with all my heart!

You see....Leah's blog has changed my life forever. I remember reading the entire blog and staying up pretty much the entire night. You educated me on such a terrible disease. I remember thinking you and Jeff were REMARKABLE people (which I still do) and how very lucky Leah was to have both of you as parents. In all the pictures you posted on her blog, Leah looked so happy. You could tell she was loved with all your hearts and her smile said it even though she couldn't speak it!

So I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening up my eyes. Because of Leah, I hug my children a little tighter and I don't feel sad that my Lyla was born with dwarfism. She is a sweet and happy child and that is all that matters! Thinking of you ALWAYS! Xoxoxoxo hugs and kisses sent your way from Long Island.

Anonymous said...

On Your Angelversary Sweet Leah
(and every other day too)
We are thinking of you and your Mommy, Daddy & beautiful, healthy baby sister. We are missing you and loving you, but we know that you are always with us sweet Angel.
Love, Grandma & Grandpa Turnquist

Ginger Murray said...

Came to this site via Tripp's blog... Blessings to you.. holidays can be so difficult. What a beautiful baby girl you had! I love that your girls look so much alike. What a beautiful thing.

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