Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day with the Butterflies

So yesterday Leah arranged for me to have a pretty nice day.  As soon as Jeff woke up (literally) he saw this little clip on the news about an indoor butterfly garden in our area - and how it'd be a neat thing to do for Mother's Day. 

And the same exact time I was outside letting Sammie do her business in the yard and thinking how I'd like to go to IKEA to get my new desk.  (Even though I originally thought I'd just want to stay at home and sulk yesterday).

It turned out that the butterfly garden place and IKEA are about 15 minutes away from each other.

So away we went to spend sometime with the butterflies. 

(I had to take these with my camera phone so they're not great -- my Dad gave me a brand new camera and I forgot it at home! - Doh!)

This last one is not my favorite picture but was my favorite butterfly.  Pink and green are the colors we painted Leah's bedroom.


Patrice said...

What a beautiful thing to do to celebrate being Leah's Mommy. I'm so glad you had a special day.

Just Diane said...

Beautiful. I am glad you had a good day. I was thinking of you yesterday.
Did you get a new desk too?

beanst27 said...

These pictures are amazing even though they are from a cell phone! I am glad you were able to find something comforting to do on Mother's Day.

Linda said...

Hi Meg:
So glad that your Mother's Day was okay. Better to go see butterflies then sit home and sulk. The pictures are very pretty. We will have to check this place out next time we come down for a visit. Take care love. Love Mom

Jen said...

Hey there. Where is that place? Is it by the IKEA in College Park? Glad that you kept busy....sorry that you have to feel pain.

Christina said...

What a wonderful blessing on Mother's Day. God wanted you to know.... your sweet daughter is watching over you too.

It's my first time stopping by your blog, nice to meet you.

PS. Can I just move into that butterfly garden. I'm packing now. hehe

Tracie said...

Just wanted to stop by and tell you that I have been thinking about you and Leah. I will never see a butterfly again and not think of her. I hope you are doing well!

CAGB said...

Hi there. I know this post is from some time ago. But, I just want to extend my warmest thoughts to you. Actually, I heard about Your beautiful Leah from someone (my friend Charlotte) who knows someone (Marty Bouchard) who knows you in real life. Funny how that works. And, then simultaneously, I unknowingly jumped to your blog from somewhere else. I was so sorry to hear about your seet Leah. Although I know you must feel some peace, the pain of days like Mother's Day can be excruciating. I lost my first daughter, Sophie Salome, on Halloween of 2005 - we are coming upon her fifth birthday this year. She was stillborn at full term. My heart just breaks so beautifully alongside women who know the love and agony of loss. I know my first Mother's Day without Sophie was painful beyond measure. I am glad your Mother's Day was as peaceful as possible - and know that periodically I send sweet thoughts to you.

PS - Is that Brookside Gardens? We love Flights of Fancy, although that feels painfully cheesy to write. :o)

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