Wednesday, March 30, 2011

18 weeks, 4 days Doctors Appointment

My doctors appointment today went very well!  
My blood pressure was good, I've still managed to not gain any weight, and Tabby's heart rate was 148 bpm.

I was given a consent form to read over on VBAC's - which is what I would optimally like to do, and is my plan A.  We'll just have to wait and see what happens as the months go on to see if that plan will come through.  
(With Leah I learned that you can plan and plan - and nothing, and I mean nothing; will turn out the way you planned).   
Men plan, God laughs.  

My next appointment will also be my glucose screening.  And unlike the OB I had when I was pregnant with Leah, I won't have to go to the office, sit in the waiting room, then drink, and then sit there waiting for an hour for the blood draw.  I was given my 'juice' today, with instructions printed on it to drink it about an hour before getting to the office, then when I arrive I just tell the receptionist that I'll need my blood drawn in X minutes when the hour is up.  How convenient!

No pictures to share from today though ..... but on Monday we'll be going for our level 2 ultrasound and so I'll gladly trade your prayers and good thoughts for some new pictures on Monday.  : )


Wanda Wilkinson said...

Glad to hear everything is going so good. Big sister is watching over you and Tabby. Love and prayers

Angelique said...

Oh my gosh, I'm exactly 18 weeks and 5 days (or maybe 6 days if you go by my last ultrasound). This will be my 3rd c-section so I already know Julian will arrive on 8/22. Glad you had a good appointment and things are going well. Super excited for you guys!

Emelie said...

Hi Meg! I am so happy for you. Tabby is a cute name=) Good luck with everything!!!! Big hug to youuu

Just Diane said...

That is amazing that you and Angelique are so close to each others due dates!!! And 2 EB free babies to boot. So happy for you both. Congratulations again!

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