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Just another quick post - not for me but for a very good friend of mine.  I used to work with her when I lived in Pennsylvania and now even though Jeff and I relocated, I still work for the same company and so we email almost on a daily basis for work stuff!  

Her twin sister just gave birth to her first born son Mason on May 5th.  He is a-dor-able!!!  

Mason was born with DDH, Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip.  I Googled it and found that it is relatively common, and often has an excellent prognosis.

Here he is in what I believe is called a Pavlik harness:

Can I just say again how adorable he is?!?!

As I know most of my readers are fellow Mommys, I was wondering if I could put the word out there and ask if anyone has had experience with DDH and has any advice or encouragement to share?  And of course, prayers for little Mason and his Mommy and Daddy would be appreciated as well!

Please feel free to use the comments section; but if you'd prefer, you can also email me at: MegGehring (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll be sure to pass everything along!

Thanks everyone!


Linda said...

Hi Meg: Oh my, he is adorable. Of course we will be praying for Mason and his Mommy and Daddy.
Love and Kisses Mom XOXOXOOXOXO

momma betchan said...

He is precious!

Angelique said...

What a cutie! I also looked up DDH because it seemed familiar. Both my girls were breech and our pediatrician had recommended ultrasounds of their hips but they were fine. Seems like a good thing they caught it early!

Anonymous said...

My sister had 2 of her 3 children have this problem. First was a girl and breech, second was a boy and cephalic - but they both had DDH. (The middle child was ok) They both wore the harness for a few months and then were fine. They are now aged 10 and 2 and have never had any problems. This condition is very curable if caught early so Mason's parents should be reassured that once the harness is off in the majority of cases that is the end of it. However, my sympathies to them because my sister said that it was a pain to keep the harness clean from bodily fluids (easier with the boy than the girl for obvious reasons) and really hard to keep the babies skin clean and soft because you can't even take the harness off for a bath. I think she became very inventive in her management of these issues and both she and baby had a wonderful celebratory bath at the end of the time :) Good luck :)

Dina said...

Meg, I am Mason's mom (Nikki's sister). Thank you so much for posting this blog about Mason. Life has been challenging the past few weeks but Mason is a sweetie and adjusting to the harness very well. I however miss having my squishy baby to cuddle. I even miss seeing his little feet.

Thanks to everyone who commented. I am praying that the harness works and we don't need to take any additional steps. Anonymous, thanks for sharing your sister's experiences. I can't believe she had to do this with 2 of her babies but it gives me a lot of hope that the harness will be all that is needed for Mason.

Meg, congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope you have a H&H 9 months.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, what an adorable little boy! My first born daughter was breech and was diagnosed with bilateral DDH after a hip ultrasound at birth indicated her sockets had not formed as much as they should have. We went to Shriner's Hospital in our town and after 6 weeks full-time and 6 weeks part-time in the pavlik harness, she is completely fine! I was OCD about making sure her legs stayed in the froggy position at all times (keeping car seat rides to a minimum, etc). One of my best friend's baby girl is in the harness right now for one of her hips- she is progressing great and should be out of the harness soon as well. Good luck, I know how hard it is not being able to put all the new born clothes on Mason, so be sure and stock up once he's out of the harness!

Desert Lily said...

Hi! My eldest daughter was born (in 1990) with a dislocated hip. I was told it is often associated with firstborn babies who are larger than average (she was over 9 lbs). She wore a Pavlik harness for about 2 1/2 months, and has been fine since (as far as the hip goes). None of our other kids had it.
I remember looking for bubble-type coveralls that would accommodate the harness. The weather started to cool down toward the end of her time in it. Also, the lactation consultant taught me to use a football hold when nursing on one side, so as to keep the dislocated hip turned out. Best wishes to Mason and his family!

Anonymous said...

I had DDH when I was born and had to wear the brace on for the first year of my life. I am now 23 years old and doing well. I experience dislocation every once in a while if I'm in a weird position, and my hips ache if I walk too long on an upgrade, but other than that there have been no long term effects. Nothing more was ever needed to "fix" me.

To you and Mason's mommy, good luck with everything!

Kristin said...

Hi, My daughter was also born with DDH. She stayed in the harness for 6 weeks. We never took her out of it not even to bath her. She is now a year old and is perfectly fine. I thank my pediatrican that found it so quickly b/c it's my understanding that if not and gotten worse a full body cast would have been needed instead of the harness. Also the doctor that treated her was awesome. I pray that little Mason gets better and this is all he needs to get better.

Anonymous said...

My son was born like that, he is now 16 and has not been back to the hospital since he was 2! He only had to wear it for the first 2 months of his life. Wonderful place we went to was Scottish Rite and I miss that place!
Nothing to worry about as far as I'm convenced.

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