Sunday, January 24, 2010

Elly's Blog and other artful things

Hello everyone.

So after I wrote my last blog about Elly, I received a comment from someone asking for a link to Elly's blog.  At the time I was all prepared to write something explaining that when I mentioned Emelie's 'page' I was merely referring to her Facebook; and that Elly didn't have a blog.  Well, today Emelie messaged me on Facebook to tell me that she has started a blog for Elly!

Now, whoever commented looking for Elly's blog said they knew Swedish ..... so they're in luck!  All us non-Swedish speakers out there who want to keep up with Elly will need to use Google Translate.

Just open up Translate, plug the URL into the box (, select the options to translate from Swedish to English and poof ...... magic.

Then it'll look like this:

I love Elly!!! Her sweet little face makes me want to fly all the way to Sweden just to give her a kiss.  And Emelie is so sweet and doing such a great job being Elly's Mommy. 

So please keep up with Elly and send lots of prayers her way!


Oh and I also received a comment asking about this picture ............

........ and what the name of the artist is and such.  I sent the comment/question writer an email but in case anyone else is interested.  It's called 'Precious in His Sight' and the artist is Greg Olsen.  Here is a link to the artist's site and this picture.
Rather than buying a print, and then having to buy a frame as well, I opted to get a wall hanging of the picture from 
It's only $39.99 from

Here's what ours looks like, over our mantle of all things Leah.:

Oh and that cute white teddy bear ........ that's actually Leah's urn.  There's a small silver keepsake box that holds some ashes and it's tucked inside the bear.  It's not as cute as Leah was ...... but it'll do.


Linda said...

Hi Meg:
Thanks for the link to Elly's blog. Will continue the prayers for Elly, Tripp, Jonah, Daisy and all the other EB children.
The wall hanging is beautiful. We will check it out in person on Thursday (your birthday).
Take care love and remember God is Good and Loves you too. Love you so much. Love Mom XOXOXOXOXO

Becca said...

Meghann - here is a direct link to the Google-translated version of Elly's blog. Saves you and your readers from having to go through the process of setting up the translation. Hope it helps! Becca x (friendly lurker)

Emelie said...

Hi Meg

I cry everytime I see the things you save from Leah. You have done it so beautiful.

Marie said...

Oh thanks so much, yes that was me who speaks Swedish (I'm Australian but was an au pair in Sweden some years ago) and I have sent a little message to Elly's family. I'll be sure to keep reading her blog as well as Leah, Jonah, Tripp and the other precious EB babies.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

That picture makes me cry every time I see it.

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