Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Checking in

Hi everyone.  Just checking in.

Things are OK here - just trying to put one foot in front of the other to get things done.

All of the urns and pendants for Leah's ashes arrived and I went up to Philly last Friday to have my parents help me with the separating of everything. 

Here is a picture of my pendant:

Although I may want to get another one .... don't even get me started on why.  And we're going to have a get another urn for ourselves.  Sara: you warned me that I'd need a bigger urn and I didn't listen!

I ordered a wall hanging on this picture:

So now I just have to get it put up above the mantle.

Oh and Kellye, who offered to help me with my resume ..... I emailed you (at least I think it was your email address) a couple of days ago and haven't heard anything back.  So if you're still out there and the offer still stands, please email me at MegGehring@gmail.com.
Thank you!!!

And on the same topic- if anyone out there in the Washington DC area would like to hire me .... well, please hire me.  I have a B.A. in Psychology and I worked for the American Red Cross for 2 years prior to becoming a full-time Mommy.  I did data management and I was also a Donor Counselor for the ARC. 

And in other news, I'm thinking of getting a puppy.  Specifically a Cavachon (a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixed with a Bichon) or a Cavanese (Cavalier mixed with a Havenese).
They are beyond cute.  Any breeders out there??


Katie said...


I work for the American Diabetes Association (in Alexandria, VA) so I hear about a lot of open positions specifically within volunteer health associations. I'll email you anything I hear of that you might be interested in.

Mom to Ella

Shana said...

What a cute pendant! I love the wall hanging & hooray for a puppy! =0) Still praying & thinking of you.

Sara said...

I am sorry you need a bigger urn:( They really should put a disclaimer in those catalogs at the funeral home! Your necklace is VERY pretty. Mine is a silver teardrop shape with some of Garrett's ashes in it. Though I am afraid to admit I don't wear it nearly as much as I use to, most because I am lazy and forget to take my jewelry off before I take a shower and I know water isn't good for jewelry.

Glad to hear you are doing ok.

Janel Waters said...

Still thinking about you guys and praying for you all.

On the puppy front - I have 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels - other than the shedding they are the best breed ever! Make sure you post pics of that super cute puppy when you get one.

Glad you are still putting one foot in front of the other!


Kellye said...

Meghann, I emailed you back so I can get started on your resume! :)

jenlar3 said...

It is a beautiful pendant. I pray you will find comfort as you wear it.

jenlar3 said...

It is a beautiful pendant. I pray you find comfort as you wear it near your heart.

Tracie said...

I love the pendant!
And could you please share the name of the picture? It took my breath away the first time you posted it and I'd love to have that hanging by my son's things to remind me of where he is. You can email me at littleboog_a_loo@yahoo.com if it would be easier.
Thanks for checking in! I have been praying for you!

Linda said...

Hi Love:
So glad you did your posting and asked for some help. Hopefully you can get some job tips and maybe a puppy breeder will contact you too.
So proud of you and amazed at the woman you have become. Still praying for you and Jeff. Love you guys so much. Love Mom XOXOXOXO

Jennifer said...

I know it is so hard to lose a child, exceptionally a child that struggled so hard to stay here with you, just know that your little baby girl will be with you forever, me and my husband opted for something other than a urn we chose something that showed her personality. god is good

Anonymous said...

I happened upon your blog several months ago. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious daughter Leah. As a mother my heart weeps for you.

With regards to a puppy, we purchased a cavanese in Aug. and he has been a wonderful addition to the family (little to no shedding too). Check out the website oneofakindpuppy.webs.com The only issue for you is they are located near Des Moines, Iowa but they were wonderful to deal with...and a little airline flight across the country never hurt a puppy!

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