Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stroller time rocks

"I'm bored - time for some stroller time!!!"

Since everyone knows how stroller time is so awesome, some of Leah's toys have begun to hitch rides to join in on the fun. First it was Miss Kitty:

Then last night it was Duckie's (aka Jon Cryer - yes we do call it Jon Cryer - we are children of the 80's after all) turn:

This is my view of stroller time - and now that Leah knows where I am during it all, she looks up at me a lot:

We paused for a suctioning and Leah got to enjoy some Monday night football (yuck) from her stroller:

Call me optimistic but I think this looks says: "Football sucks - I'd rather be watching Baseball".

Stroller time is indeed awesome: it calms her down when she starts getting kicky and fidgety, it's exciting to see new things and sometimes we take her for a lap or two in the backyard, and it's soothing to the point of sleep.

This is how last night's stroller session ended:

Now if we could only get Duckie to do this, we'd have it made:


Linda said...

It is so strange to see her with clothes on but she still is sooooo adorable. I agree, she doesn't like football, maybe she will like hockey. I hope so anyway. Give her kiss from Nana. Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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