Thursday, September 10, 2009

7 Months Old & Wearing Clothes!

Leah is 7 months old today!!!

She is getting so big! But that outfit you see her in, its a 3 month size - so .... she's not really that big. I found that outfit on clearance at Target yesterday. $3.98!

And on the clothing front: super sweet Aunt Penny's super nice neighbor who sews like the wind has offered to make Leah some clothes! I took her measurments today and I have asked for some baby kimono gowns for her so I'm super excited to see what our master seamstress can whip together for her. Leah already has one baby kimono (that she's actually wearing right now but judging from it's size it won't last long). But it's way easy to get on her (no stretching it over her head) and way easy to change her in (just untie it and open it on up). So I think those will work really well.

And here is Leah participating in her newest activity:

She doesn't look so happy in this picture - but believe me, she loves it. Basically we just wheel her around the downstairs level of the house in her umbrella stroller. We did 2 separate sessions of this today for about an hour and a half total. I don't know how many times I can make it seem really exciting to be "in the kitchen again!!" but if it entertains her I'll say it all day long.

And finally another picture, here she is being buckled up for safety:


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