Friday, September 11, 2009

Baby pictures all around

So here is Miss Leah:

Do you think she looks more like Mommy, when I was about Leah's age:

Or Daddy ... when Jeff was about Leah's age:

Just kidding, I just wanted to put that silly baby picture of Jeff up here. He still makes this face, just so you know.

This is the for-real picture, and to be honest I see alot of Leah in the profile shot.

I remember reading in one of my many psychology courses in college about someones theory that mother nature has made it so that a baby often looks like its father in the early months of its life, so as to reassure that father that this is indeed their child. That helps reinforce the bond and then after the bond is strong, the childs looks continue to change as they morph into whatever they will truly look like. Pretty neat, huh?

In other news, we met our new every other weekend nurse today. Jeff and I decided to make a change from who we originally had. She just wasn't very comfortable caring for Leah, nor was she very familiar with all the equipment we have here. We're spoiled by our regular nurse Ann, because she's so great with Leah. We trust her 100% and sleep soundly when she's here (which is almost every single night). But then every other weekend we have another nurse come. So our new nurse will be Julianna and next weekend she will come to do her first shift with Leah. When she came today we gave her a quick run down of all Leah's do's and don'ts and she seemed pretty comfortable with it all. I think she'll do well but we'll see.


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