Thursday, September 17, 2009

Playtime on the Bear Mat

"So many toys to play with!"

"Now, now. Horsie ... Big Bird .... I love you both the same"

At some point there was an altercation between Leah and her Hippo.

First, things were just hunky dory.

Then I think the Hippo said something to upset her:

"Hey - what did you say? Tell me in my face!"

"Let me ask you something Hippo! What did the five fingers say to the face?!"


On the bright side, Leah and horsie and still tight though ...

And my favorite from yesterday:
Disclaimer: I did not put her blanket like this, it just happened.

Sister Leah


Linda said...

Oh Wow how cute is that? She really is something!! I wonder what the hippo said to her. I better watch what I say around that granddaughter of mine. Give her kiss from Nana. Love you guys!!!!

amanda said...

Cute post!!!! And beautiful little girl you got there!

This is my first time to your blog from the link on Jonah's blog.

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