Monday, September 28, 2009

My name is Leah and I have a coconut addiction......

She was going to town on the coconut oil last night.  Here she is sucking it all off her binky .... her entire binky.

Please note the greasy hands and face, and her entire ignorance of the fact that I was mere inches from her face taking pictures. 

There's a little coconuty drool on the side there Leah .... make sure you don't miss it.......

It wasn't all for nothing: she pooped about 15 minutes after this.  Today is the last day for this constipation causing thrush medicine so hopefully we'll be back to 'regular' ASAP.

If anyone knows of any coconut-based baby food recipes, please let me know!! (Seriously)


Anonymous said...

Hello Meghann!!!
Check out the website, You will find a lot of great recipes, including ones with coconut oil. I breastfed only, for the first 5 months and went very gradually into solid foods.

Also, for the constipation, give juices that start with P (pear, plum, peach, and prune). I dilute my juice 50/50 with water. Nothing acidic. Other great, very low acidic juices include: mango, grape, watermelon, apricot, apple, papaya and fig. You can go to Whole Foods to get a lot of organic juices and/or juices without added sugar. You can also a some drops of cocunut oil to the juice.

If you own a juicer, you can juice veggies and fruits if you want the nutrients and minerals of fresh foods but not ready for solids.

Also, when I made cereal, mine was of a much thinner consistancy than many people will recommend. And, I didn't always mix it with milk or water. I would use water and a little apple or grape juice.

Much success to you. There are so many challenges with motherhood. My son never took a bottle. He went straight to a sippe cup (after much hard work) after nursing. He would not drink. I had to squirt water in his mouth at times.

Anonymous said...

One more thing, when you go to the website, click on "solid baby food topics", you will good info on constipation.

amanda said...


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