Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Fundraiser Reminder!

Just to keep it 'fresh' on the blogosphere; I'll do little mini posts every Friday with reminders, info and updates on the ongoing fundraiser!

Also, if you sent in your donation for your card and seed paper (and you're not my Mom): THANK YOU! and ..... your card went out in the mail today!  So please be on the lookout for it. 

Also, if you:
a.) would rather not go through PayPal or
b.) have a church group or any group really, and you'd like to order several cards at once on behalf of your group; or
c.) you want to purchase several and don't want the hassle of going through the PayPal click-dance several times over, then;
please either email me at: MegGehring (at) Gmail (dot) com or leave me a comment here and I will gladly contact you regarding that.

And ........... I'm super excited to let everyone know that the company that supplies the seed paper has graciously offered to donate 50 ...  that's 5-0 ....... seed paper sheets .................. FOR FREE!! 

Since I get a good 10 or so butterflies out of every sheet - that's pretty incredible.  
So now in addition to the Pink, Cranberry, Violet and Lavender colors I've been working with, I will soon have: Forest and Sage green, Light and Royal Blue, Burgundy, and Yellow!

The company is Bloomin.  And they have some awesome products ..... this is one of my favorite ideas for an awesome holiday gift.  It's a 12 page seed paper calendar - so rather than having nothing at the end of the month other than a piece of paper to throw out - you have a seed card you can plant!


Gilda said...

Hi, wanted to know how I can purchase these but not throug PayPal. Thanks you can find my e-mail on my profile.

Linda said...

Hi Love: Love that Bloomin Co. How nice is that to give you 50 sheets free. I just went to their web site and they have some really wonderful gift ideas.
People can be so nice sometimes. Love you sweetie. Love Mom XOXOXO

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