Sunday, September 5, 2010

Looking On The Bright Side

There are advantages of having a half-dead fruit tree and rotting fruit in your backyard.

This is our pear tree.  As you can see - it doesn't look so good.  And as the summer dwindles down all the fruit is tumbling down to lay and rot on the ground.  
Appetizing huh?

Here is a comparison to our neighbors tree in the background that still looks quite well:

Yeah, our tree just ain't the best.  And we've contemplated just axing it down.

This doesn't look, nor smell too good.  Even Sammie doesn't linger around the fruit too long - she sniffs - and moves on.

She'd rather mosey in the Morning Glories ....

Cute huh?

But enough of her - back to the rotting fruit, and the bright side of it.

The 'rotting fruit spot' has been the place to be if you're a bee, bug, moth .... or butterfly and you're in our area.

Close up!

Another close up!

So yes, our neighbors get to enjoy the site of their healthy plentiful pear tree - but we get to feed the butterflies.


Linda said...

Who needs fresh fruit from a tree when you can feed the butterflies instead. They are really beautiful and so unusual too.
Take care love. Love Mom

Milles Family said...

That is awesome! Great pics of the butterflies and fruit. I am pretty sure I can smell the rotten fruit all the way in Missouri. :O)

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