Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All Cats Go to Heaven

Leah has a new buddy up in heaven.  A great big furry sweet-souled gentleman that can give her piggy back rides and let her use him as a pillow.  He'll probably even let her dress him up in pink tutus.

This big kitty is Thor.  Thor was one of my sister's cats.  I got to live with Thor for a couple years (back when I still lived at home) ..... I was there when she brought him home from the shelter.   He was half-shaved - something the shelter had to do to clean all the gunk off of him.  If I recall correctly he had both motor oil (from trying to find warmth on the streets of Camden, New Jersey in January inside the hood of a car) and gum stuck in his fur.  He had scars on his side that could have only been from a dog bite.  His nervousness at the mere sound of a dogs bark in the distance validated that.  
But he was a full-breed Norwegian Forest Cat. How he found his way to the mean streets of Camden is anyone's guess.  But he found himself a home with us.  He was lucky enough to go from the streets, to the shelter, to a forever home where he got to live the good life.

Thor passed away on Saturday - most likely from a heart attack.  He may have had a very gentle heart - but his little ticker always was a little malfunctioning.  A genetic defect perhaps.  But he was the definition of a gentle giant.  I can't recall him ever hissing at anyone or anything.  When the next rescued cat, Gwen came into the house, she jumped right up on a chair that Thor was sitting on and cuddled up to him.  He didn't raise one piece of fur in objection.  The other cats arched their backs and hissed at little newbie Gwen - Thor just let her cuddle.  While the other cats came around the embrace Gwen, she rarely left Thors' side - and she is currently heartbroken to have lost her friend - as is everyone who knew Thor.

But, just as they say all dogs go to heaven, I know all cats must go to.  Especially gentle giants with sweet souls like Thor.  Enjoy your rewards in heaven, Thor.  


Just Diane said...

Aww, what a sweet story, Meghann! What a good kitty. I am sorry he is gone from this life but happy that Leah gets some time with him now.

Linda said...

What a great tribute to Thor. Leah is going to have a ball playing with gentle Thor. We will all miss him dearly, especially little Gwenie.
Take care love. Love you so much. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to what was obviously a very special kitty. I do animal rescue in my spare time and know what wonderful gifts shelter animals are. My heart goes out to all your family whose hearts are hurting right now. And to little Gwen especially. Make sure she gets plenty of love and attention. I don't know if you're familiar with the story of the "Rainbow Bridge" or not. That image always brings me comfort when dealing with such a loss. If you've never read it, google it and do so. Thank you for sharing Thor's story.

A friend in NC

Molly said...

I bet there has never been a more beautiful cat in heaven. Leah must be delighted to have him play with her all day long !

(sorry for the tears Im shedding now.... )

Anonymous said...

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