Wednesday, September 8, 2010

'Hi Leah'

I don't feel silly admitting that every time I see a butterfly I say 'Hi Leah'.

And I don't feel silly admitting that the small cement slab that serves as our 'back porch' has been my crying spot.  Both when Leah was still here and after she passed.  It faces away from the house, towards the backyard and is the most isolated spot for crying that I could find.

Just now as I walked through the hallway toward the kitchen I saw something in 'my spot'.


Anonymous said...

Meggie, You take my breath away!

Linda said...

I really needed to see that butterfly today. Today has been a weepy day for me, yeah I still have them. Seeing the butterfly makes me feel like Leah will always be with us.
I always say Hi Leah when I see a butterfly too. Thanks for the posting, I really did need it. Thanks love. I love you. Love Mom

Molly said...

When I see a butterfly I will also say Hi to Leah

beanst27 said...

I say hi to Leah when I see a butterfly too. I always think of her when I see them.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that I have seen more butterflies this year than ever before. And now that I have been made aware of EB and the sweet ones who have it, I think of all of them when I see the butterflies. Kind of like it's God's way of keeping them and their families foremost in my thoughts and prayers. And that certainly includes you and your precious Leah!

Susan in NC

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