Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The new blog design is a-brewing

I got a sneak peak of the new blog tonight .... I am so stoked to share it with everyone!!!  It'll probably 'go live' on or around the weekend.  I still have to do some work on my end, as far as some writing, editing, 'tweaking', etc.  

But I'll give you some clues as to the new look ...... it'll have it's healthy dose of purple (duh), a few butterflies here and there (duh), cute pictures of Leah (wait ... wasn't every picture of Leah cute?).  OK so the clues aren't really helping ..... I'll just give you a fact: there will be 4 small pictures of Leah in the header and 2 are ones that I don't think anyone has ever seen.  



Patrice said...

HOORAY! I'm really excited to see it. I think a new blog design is like a new haircut... so refreshing and fun!

Linda said...

Can't wait to see the new blog. 2 pictures of Leah that we haven't seen before. How exciting!!! Can't wait until the weekend. Love you Meg. Love Mom XOXOXOXO

Gilda said...

Looking forward to your new look!

Gilda said...

Came by to look and its beautiful I love all the pics of Leah. What a sweet smile!

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