Friday, June 11, 2010

Garden for Leah

I don't have much of a green thumb - but for the past week or so Jeff and I have been trying to make the front of the house into a little garden for Leah.

I ordered 6 butterfly bushes from this site at one heckuva discount (like $40, including delivery, when ordinarily it would have been well over $100 for just the plants)  - but they have yet to establish and bloom - so in the meantime; here is some of what our garden looks like:

Butterfly Solar Light

Butterfly Welcome Mat - and Sammie wondering just what in the world I'm doing outside taking pictures of flowers instead of inside playing with her.  
(And proof for those of you that have been over our house that she *can* calmly sit at the door as opposed to humping the glass to greet you).

I wonder what Leah would think of the garden ..........

"Me likey pink!!!"

For the weekend, I am excited to give my car a thorough cleaning.  Inside and out.  Soaping up the outside and vacuuming the inside.  Why?  (You may ask, thinking that's the lamest thing in the world to be excited about for a weekend).  Well, it's because as of last Thursday (when I was sick with tonsillitis), I have officially quit smoking.  And thus, the backseat of my car will no longer be home to a small city of ash remnants, and my floorboards can be clear of  all plastic wrappers.  (I am a neat freak in most aspects of my life .... but when it comes to my car I've always slacked).
I've smoked since college (but of course did not smoke while pregnant - and never around Leah), but Jeff and I are quitting together this time.  He is using Chantix, and it seems to be working great for him.  I did it cold turkey; but I've always said that smoking was more of a stress-reliever/time-filler of a habit than an addiction.
Chantix has been known to give some people weird and violent dreams; which Jeff has had -- but I guess it's worth it.  ; )


Linda said...

Hi Meg:
The garden looks great, but I am soooo excited that you have stopped smoking. You have made your mother very, very happy. Have fun cleaning the car. Love you guys so much. Love Mom XOXOXO

Janel said...

Love the garden!

Congrats on the big Quit! I stopped smoking when I was pregnant - its actually how I knew I was pregnant. I went out to smoke, got violently ill and spent the rest of the day in bed. After that for 9 months the smell of smoke make me sick (even fire smoke). It was so traumatic for me I haven't smoked since.

I will definately be praying for your continued success - its a journey! Good Luck!

<3 U!

Just Diane said...

Awesome garden for your sweet girl! I love the flowers and butterflies have always been my favorite. I have one tattooed on my wrist and one one my back.

Quiting smoking was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I think I am somewhere near 5 years now. I still miss it once in a while but I am glad to be done with it. You won't be sorry.

beanst27 said...

The flowers are very pretty! Good luck with quitting smoking.

Gilda said...

I am sure Leah is smiling down on you for her beautiful garden you made her with so much love. Wishing you the best on your decision to stop smoking.

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