Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blog Rebirth

Hello all!

As promised, Mrs. Cuddles came through with another gorgeous blog.  As per my personality I wanted to keep it pretty simple, with just a shift in theme from 'praying for' Leah to 'remembering' her.

I still have some work to do on the gadgets ..... just getting everything copacetic and orderly.  But I'm more than happy with how it looks!

There is a new button for our page, complete with the 'Remembering Leah' theme.  I added some new buttons that will take you directly to the donation pages for both DebRA and EBMRF.  I will keep my 'Avon sales for DebRA' button as updated as possible with a current dollar total listed under that button. 

I wrote up a new 'About Us' blurb for any newcomers who wander here and are curious about what is going on.  There is a banner that will automatically update any stories of EB in the news.  And in the future I hope to include a lot of information for new parents of EB babies (just things we learned the hard way; the importance of biopsies, tips and tricks with dressing changes, etc.) - though I will probably start a new blog for that and just link to it here on this one.

Tomorrow is my first day of work!! I am so excited and happy to be working again.  I'm not nervous, since my boss is an amazingly nice lady and going back to the American Red Cross is kind of like returning home again.  I'm just anxious to start and learn my new job and give it my best. From what I understand it'll be similar to the first position I had with the ARC (the Red Cross loves its acronyms!) in that I won't have to communicate with donors over the phone.  Don't get me wrong, I love our donors but being a counselor for them was just not my cup of tea.  And after my job as 'Leahs 24/7 Mommy/Nurse/Bandager/Trach Suctioner/Force Feeder' - anything will seem easy, and the 'little things' that I used to think were so important won't seem so daunting.  I'll never have a job as rewarding as being Leahs Mommy but I know she's happier with her job as full-time guardian angel.


Meghann Gehring Turnquist said...


Linda said...

Hi Meg:
Just love the new blog. It is so easy to get around. I hope everyone else loves it too.
I just know that you are going to do great tomorrow and everyday. I am so proud of you and the wonderful woman you have become. I know that Leah is so proud of her Mommy and you have the best guardian angel ever!!! Love Mom XOXOXOXOX

Patrice said...

Love the new look. Don't you love three columns? I want to do that too. Looks great!

Praying for you as you start your job tomorrow. I know you'll be great. And I know Leah will be with you.

Love you,


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