Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thrush Busters

Yesterday was Jeff's birthday, but please don't remind him of that. He was in a funk the whole day. Most likely it was a combination of having just come back home from his 2 1/2 day camping trip with his friends, him being tired from the camping trip, and just the thought that he's getting older. If turning 29 depressed him I'd hate to think what next years 3-0 is going to do to him.

While Jeff was away, my Daddy came to stay with Leah and I and kept us company. We all had a fun time watching the Little League World Series and just chilling out. I was rooting for the Staten Island, NY team - they lost last night to San Antonio. : (

And last weekend my Mom and sister came down to visit Leah as well. Leah loves to have visitors!
Here's an awesome picture my Mom took during her visit.

(Please note Leah's 'thumbs up' pose):

In other news, we seem to have won our battle with thrush. It was most likely a reaction to the antibiotics she was on in the hospital. Leahs' dermatologist gave us a prescription for oral Nystatin medicine but it made Leah throw up so I turned to home remedies. (The medicine was 48% sucrose - anything you read online about thrush says to avoid sugar. Plus, it was cherry/mint flavor and both Jeff and I used to throw up from mint when we were kids).
So instead of the prescription we used yogurt, extra virgin unrefined coconut oil & baking soda and water. I'm also boiling her binkies and nipples a ton, and keeping a container of baking soda and water next to her so I can rinse her binkies a lot. But we went from funky tongue to a completely non-funky tongue overnight - so whatever we did worked!

Today I worked on re-applying for SSI for Leah. (It only takes about 14 and half hours to complete all the online forms about every single doctors appointment she's ever had). I applied back in April while living in PA but we were turned down because I was making too much money at the Red Cross. But now I know we would definitely qualify, so it would be moreso a matter of determining whether or not she is indeed disabled. I know it would help out a lot with our finances.

Speaking of which, I'm looking to make some coin from selling these vintage remote control model planes we found in our attic. I had my Dad pull them down and look them over. Then I went online and did some research. Apparently each of these things could be worth a couple hundred bucks, easy. I had to join some RC plane enthusiasts forum just to get some info - so now I'm really a nerd. But I got some good tips. Essentially I'll have to go through eBay to try to sell them but first I need to make sure all the parts are there and in good condition. So aside from all my other duties, chores and to-dos, I get to rummage through 40 year old model plane boxes and try to figure out what I'm looking at.

Time to go - Leah's playing on her activity mat and making some interesting gaseous type noises so I believe 'doody' calls.


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