Saturday, August 29, 2009

6 month check up

Yesterday we had a doctor's appointment for Leah's 6-month shots, and also so we could get her pre-op physical done. Because of a super-nice nurse practitioner there, we are now treated excellently. Because of our infection worries, the nurse arranged it so that we never have to wait in the waiting room. I call the office as we're pulling into the parking lot and they confirm that they have a room ready, and we just go on in and back. Even getting the appointment was all the nurses doing. She gave me her personal cell number and so when I had trouble getting an appointment through the receptionist I just called Nurse MacLeod and explained everything. Within a day, magically the 'totally booked' office had a 10AM Friday appointment for us.
Leah got 4 shots and an oral medication as well. She cried for the shots but always bounces back to happy-Leah really quickly.

The shots really pooped the poor widdle girl out though.

(This was from later in the evening)

When we got back home around 11:30 I managed to get 2 oz of formula in her before she passed out. A little bit after 2 we got her up for a nice warm bath, a trach collar change and bandages change. After that, around 3 she gulped down 5 oz. After that it was lights-out for a lot of the day - between then and when Jeff got home from work at 10, she had only managed to take in 3 oz during random awake moments.

She had done really well on her feedings from the previous day (27 1/2 oz!!) so I wasn't too worried about it. If she needed her sleep I was happy to let her sleep. Overall with nighttime feedings from the nurse we got 19 1/2 oz in her for the day. Not surprisingly she's doing better today, and even had a good 45 minute fun session on her activity mat. Now she's napping and I'm sure she'll wake up good and ready for another full bottle.

Since I still have her pre-op physical sheet I know exactly what her measurements are (usually I'm so busy watching the nurses to make sure they don't hurt Leah that I fail to really pay attention to the numbers as they say them after each measurement).

Height: 23 1/2"

Weight: 12 lbs 5 oz (She's gained almost 2 pounds in one month).

"I'm hiding behind my butterfly"

We're still currently bandaging each limb. I could theoretically get away with only doing just 1 leg and 1 arm, but I want to make sure everything is totally healed until I leave anything unwrapped. Overall her skin looks really good, and she heals remarkably fast. But once the skin has been broken down it's easier for it to blister again soon after. So while nothing on an arm or leg may be an open wound, if it's the slightest bit red in the process of healing, it'll blister as soon as something (blanket, humidifier tubing, toy) rubs against it.

So there's the latest update on the best baby in the world.

"Awww - gee shucks Mom"


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the update Meg. We love the new pictures. She's such a cutie! Looking forward to spending some time with you guys to get to know Leah more. I'm just waiting for a call to come on up. I've been ready for days! Take care, Love, Aunt Penny

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