Monday, February 6, 2012

Someone's birthday is coming up.............

Leah's birthday is coming up on Friday, February 10th!  
She would have been turning 3 years old……

This year I didn't have the time to really plan anything in advance to raise money to donate to dEBra to commemorate her birthday, as I have in the past.  

So to do a little something, I'm opening up my online Avon shop again, and donating 100% of my sellers earnings to dEBra.  I'll run the fundraiser for the entire month!! 

I know people are pretty loyal to their Avon reps, but if you could please consider shopping with me for just one of your February orders, it would be much appreciated!!  

As for the promo code, there is one: FORDEBRA1; but only because it's required by the Avon system.  However, if you spend more than $30 you can receive free shipping by entering the code 'FS30REP'. 

Please don't worry about entering the DEBRA code to ensure your orders' proceeds go to the fundraiser .... since I'm donating 100% of all my earnings your contribution will still be included! 


I received a comment from someone asking about donating without purchasing anything ........ 
of course anyone is welcome to do that!

If you following this link:

you can enter your info and donation amount on DEBRA's secure web donation page.  There is the option to make your donation in memory of Leah. And remember, your donation is tax deductible!


Geri Kelly said...

Thank for always supporting us!

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Hello my beautiful friend! I just placed my order! Anything to support you and your two daughters! Hugs and kisses to you all! Make sure you give an extra hug and kiss to Tabby from me!

Happy early birthday in heaven sweet Leah! I hope you party like a ROCKSTAR!

P.S. I didn't put the DEBRA code in. It didn't give me the opportunity. I hope I did it right! LOL
I look forward to trying these Avon products. It will be my first time. I am excited to get my order!

Our Family said...

If I don't need anything through Avon, I'm actually allergic to most perfumes and make-up, can I just donate for her birthday?

Our Family said...

Thank you for posting the link, we donated in her memory :)

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