Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just checking in

Hi everyone!
I know I haven't posted for awhile - but that's because Jeff and I were in Germany from the 7th to the 13th.  Now we're back.  Back in the US - back to work - back to life.

It was nice to go on vacation.  It was nice to not have to go to work for 8 days.  It was nice to see and experience Germany - but it is GREAT to be home.
I'm a homebody; admittedly.  It's hard for me to just 'do nothing', ie 'go on vacation' - so I guess I really did have to travel across the Atlantic ocean so that I literally couldn't clean my house or do laundry or organize my office for a full week.

I put some photos from our trip up on Facebook, and I'll post some here on the blog as well at a later date.  But we're still trying to get back on our regular schedule.  Today was my first day back at work; waking up at 5 AM and such.

But overall here are a few things I learned about Germany and about travelling:
Munich at Christmastime is beautiful.  Cold, windy, snowy and beautiful.
Everyone in Germany smokes.  Everyone: man, woman, old, young.  Everyone, all the time.
Soft toilet paper is hard to find.  Our hotel was a first class, nice hotel.  The toilet paper was 2-ply, quilted, and about 1 step away from sand paper.
Gustav Klimt paintings in person are everything I thought they'd be.
What you think is apple juice there is not apple juice.  It's sparkling water with a small bit of apple flavoring added.
They don't have Diet Coke, they have Light Coke.
Apparently I am a security threat.  I was pulled aside and double searched in both Munich and Atlanta - and my luggage was inspected.
Coffee in Germany comes in small cups, and it's black and bitter.  I knew our trip back home was well overdue when I nearly had a full blown temper tantrum in the Munich airport by yelling that I wanted, "Coffee ... Regular American coffee.  Not espresso, not cappuccino.  Just - COFFEE!"
I require Dramamine to travel by airplane.
It has now been proven that it is possible for me to go 9+ hours without peeing - because airplane bathrooms are gross.

Also, I just wanted to let everyone know who is waiting on Seed Cards to please be patient and I will have some more made up and sent out just as soon as I can!


Linda said...

Hi Love: So happy that you are home, safe and sound. Glad that you had a good time and even happier that you could hold it in for 9 hours. I am impressed.
Can't wait until I see all the pictures you took on your once in a lifetime vacation.
Love you. Love Mom

Just Diane said...

I am still very jealous! Ha. Glad you had a good time. When we moved to Germany I was 14 and it took me a good year to adjust to everything. After that, I never wanted to leave. I became a smoker over in Germany. It is so funny that you would say that. Do they still have cigarette machines everywhere? ( We quit smoking about 5 years ago.)

I am a homebody too but I LOVE to travel. I am always ready to return to my cozy home afterwards though. There really is no place like home.

Milles Family said...

I am glad you had a great trip. I was jealous up to the points where you mention the poor quality t.p. and the smoking all the time. I can't stand second-hand smoke! You all deserved a great vacation! :O)
Hope you have a peaceful and blessed Christmas!

Kellye said...

Hey Meghann, it's Kellye (the resume lady)...I just wanted to say "Merry Christmas"!

I hope the New Years is filled with blessings for you...take care!



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