Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Fundraiser Reminder!!

Time for another fundraiser reminder!!

I definitely need to sit down and make some more cards, as this is what my 'card bin' currently looks like. 

Pretty empty ..... that's completed/ready-to-go cards on the left, blank cards in the middle and empty envelopes on the right.  Oh and all the mess of my desk in the background but pay no attention to that.  

I ordered some more cards, and there's still plenty of seed paper to use ...... so I can guarantee anyone who wants a card will get one!

If you'd like to help me raise money with these, please consider buying a bunch and then collecting donations from your friends, family, church members, and co-workers to 'reimburse yourself', so to speak.

Also, 'in person' the cards are just $5.00 -- the $6.00 charge is via PayPal who takes a cut of the action, and also to cover the cost of mailing these out.   So if you were to order say, 15 - you wouldn't have to send me $90 via PayPal, just email me (, or comment here, and we'll figure out a way to get a bundle of cards to you.   Not to mention if you sell these in person you won't be fighting with 5's and 1's.  : )
And that goes for anyone who just wants a bundle for themselves too!!

And remember .... for those who don't like to use PayPal - you can also email me (or comment me) to discuss other options.

And lastly -- I need some good ideas for what to do with all these scraps I have.  

Sure I could just put them in the garden, or pots -- but I'm hoping someone with a really green finger and creative mind can give me some groovy ideas!!


Gilda said...

Hi, Meghann just sent my order out in the mail today.

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