Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fundraising for Tripps Birthday!

Hey gang!

I'm doing another online event to help raise funds to donate to dEBra.  I now donate all of my earnings as an Avon rep to dEBra - but since I started doing that with an event to celebrate Jonah's birthday, I wanted to do another one for Tripps birthday.  So from today until the end of May, I will donate all of my earnings to dEBra, but in honor of Tripps big day!

So .......... here's the link:

Please feel free to tell all your friends about it - we raised about $200 for Jonah's b-day, lets see if we can beat that for Tripp!

P.S. There will be no 'promo code' to participate like there was with Jonah's .... in the end it only caused confusion; and you can only put in 1 promo code per order so putting in one for the event doesn't allow you to use the 'FS30REP' one for free shipping on any order over $30.


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